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  1. Text me [MOD EDIT: PLEASE NO PHONE NUMBERS. Use the PMs. Thanks] with your username and I'll pm you back. Ticket price was 306 cad. I'll take 220 US
  2. TheZs

    Swap 2 GA for 2 good 100 level seats

    Thanks Stubby for the trade! Come on May!
  3. TheZs

    Swap 2 GA for 2 good 100 level seats

    Just for clarification, you have 2 tickets in row 1 with seats together in section 114?
  4. TheZs

    Swap 2 GA for 2 good 100 level seats

    Stubby, let me talk to my husband about that. Are they also credit card entry?
  5. I am going with my husband but GA is too taxing for me these days ( I have MS and recently had a relapse). I would like to swap them for seats in sections 105,106,107,116,117,118. They are ticket-less credit card entry. If I can't find someone to swap with I doubt I will be going and I feel rather screwed over by the whole thing but that is for a different topic
  6. TheZs

    Wanted - 2 x GA for 2nd gig

    I have GA tix and the appear to be non transferable. Paid with Cc during presale and need the same cc to get into the show as it replaced the tickets. I was very surprised at this. Not sure if it's only that way for the presale tickets?
  7. TheZs

    Where are our pre-sale codes? (MERGED)

    Im paid through March.Member since 2009, this is nerve wracking