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  1. AndrachiU2

    Innocence Boston Show 2 GA

    I got 1 GA from my Innocence code
  2. AndrachiU2


    Last time the code came for me around 10:45am eastern
  3. AndrachiU2 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Thank you for replying, I thought of contacting them but didn't wanna deal with the hassle, and like I said I'd be paying for it in the future anyway. My dumb luck in timing I guess but I knew a tour was coming soon and didn't wanna forget to resubscribe. Paid up til 12/19 now
  4. AndrachiU2 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    I renewed THIS MORNING before this was announced and 2018 was available. Now I have to renew again? I did, just to be safe because in the long run I'll be paying it anyway but seems silly.
  5. AndrachiU2

    Croke Park 2017 - REDZONE

    No luck in the pre-sale for red zone for me, I had computer issues and things weren't working on mobile. But I scored red zone in the public sale this morning. Coming from Boston, MA. Present from the husband for my 40th birthday.
  6. Ugh me too. Frustrating things are so broken. I just want my code
  7. Don't feel stupid I am getting the same thing Also a member since 2009.