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  1. sharon3

    Last tour for a while?

    And they might take this tour to Europe, of course, but then perhaps Australia and even back to South America and add shows in the States on the back end so could be out there a while. So yeah I was thinking the same thing - better soak it all in this time
  2. sharon3

    If you already got tickets...

    I got tickets for Vegas yesterday. They were sold through AXS. I was not able to set up account night before so it was a challenge to set that up while trying to purchase tickets in time they allot you. Especially when on your phone at work. I got kicked out 3 times before I could get tickets. Also couldn’t see what seats were available on a map so you kind of had to take what they gave you as best option. I had had no problem with link or code just AXS. I would recommend using a computer rather than a phone for ease and speed. Good of luck everyone
  3. sharon3

    Anyone Receive the Email Today?

    I just got my email a little while ago. I'm confused though cause I am trying to get tickets for Vegas and they are not sold through Ticketmaster.
  4. sharon3

    your age, and how many shows you've been?

    I'm 55. Been to 41 shows. Every tour since 1983. Every tour, every show New York area.. But also Lomdon 3 times, Dublin 2 times Salt Lake, Denver, Seattle and every show in Phoenx since 2001. Most recently Rose Bowl. Favorite show - Phoenix 360 Red Zone
  5. sharon3

    Travel Packages

    Travel Package one is for one ticket and Travel Package two is for two.