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  1. i'm ready, I'm ready for the gridlock.

    Headed back to Berlin for a re-do.

  2. I was literally crying during "Iris". I keep tissues handy because I become a mess. ?
  3. Prayers for healing for Bono

  4. My first time with international travel too! I always wanted to go to another country and now i get to inaugurate that with a U2 show. lol
  5. Looking forward to the leg opener in Berlin. It'll be my birthday! I'm low-key freaking out.
  6. While I do agree with you, I think that they are telling a story through this setlist. Perhaps if they were to sit down and regroup to find alternate songs that could also tell the story they could switch things around. Otherwise, I doubt it will change very much. It doesn't change that I'm still happy to see them perform!
  7. The line started on Friday. They are at Naples Flat bread, across the street from the arena.
  8. It's now hitting me that I'm seeing my favorite band start their new tour this week! I've never been to an opener, plus I'm excited in general about seeing them again, so pardon me while I take this all in!

  9. I consider it a blessing in disguise. I was at the scene of a bad accident, but was not part of the accident, although it was close. So, not being in an accident is good! However, I and others got out to help the victim and stayed to give statements to the police. It was horrible, but the victim was still alive and responsive at the time, which is amazing. I'm happy to see that people still care and took the time out to help another who was in serious distress.
  10. Shaken up (is that even a mood?), after witnessing a car accident. I was driving along, listening to U2, and had to brake suddenly. I won't forget what I saw. I stayed to help until it was okay for me to leave after talking to the police.
  11. I wish I could do that. It would take a burden off.
  12. My head hurts and I called in to work partially because of that and because it's the 3 year mark that my Mom passed away. I just couldn't give myself to people at work when I didn't feel like my heart was in it today.
  13. I will just wear a disco ball Mardi Gras necklace to a show and hope that summons the Pop gods XD
  14. Same. Can't be spoiled if ya already saw it in real life, right?
  15. Not me! LOL But I can't complain. I hope he enjoys himself and that the donations people put forth to enter are rightfully distributed to the people who need it.
  16. I forgot abut visiting the U2 sites *adds to itinerary*
  17. I noticed a code too. I don't believe I saw it before.
  18. I wound up booking at the East Side Hotel, but may cancel if I can secure a host family through a friend.
  19. Any tips on where to stay in Berlin? First time going abroad and I'm going solo
  20. Safe travels to all us Americans travelling to see the boys abroad! I hope to see them in Ireland one day. Maybe next tour...whenever and if ever that will happen.
  21. Hoping I can see U2 on my birthday in Berlin, God willing.

  22. It's not often that it lands right on my birthday. Maybe close to it (like the Detroit date last year that I cancelled going), but the exact day? No way! Maybe the stars will align and I can make it. Will have to nix a US date to do so, though. That's awesome you got to see them on your birthday! A U2 show is always fun and birthday shows are even better, so I hear.
  23. The Berlin show is on my birthday... Birthday gift if I am able to get tickets! Well, can I even afford the trip? I don't know. It would be nice to see U2 on my birthday, though, ya know, since Harvey ruined that trip for me last year. I'll still dream out loud.
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