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  1. I would pre buy the parking pass if you getting there late. They have limited parking. Most of the parking is on a gulf course.
  2. Not sure if they were official signs. There was more than 1. He said some were yellow /black and looked legit. Others not so legit.
  3. Someone I know who lives in the area and went by last night. There is a huge sign that says "GA Line" and there were people camped out.
  4. I agree. There should be only 1 official line that is run by the venue. If the venue says “line ups start at 2:00 pm” then that’s what it should be. People plan according to the information that has been given to them. When they get there they get there they are in for a big surprise. Hopefully the Rose Bowl as learned from 360 show stampede and take control of the line.
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