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  1. Hi,KK. Are you still selling your tickets for tonight? I am visiting Berlin with wi-fi connection at the hotel only. I'll check later to see if you reply. Please let me know! Thanks, A Macedo
  2. Hi,GB. We are already in Berlin. I'm still interested in your tickets. I have wi-fi connection at the hotel, so I will be checking here for your response. We can meet tomorrow at the venue as you said yesterday. Please let me know. Thanks...! AM
  3. Hi, G.B. I am interested... Long story short, i am travelling from the USA today to Berlin to run the Berlin Marathon on sunday 27, I got tickets for the friday 25 concert that were delivered to relatives i have in Germany. They sent me the tickets last month to the USA where I live (because they were not going to be in Germany these week) and it turned out that for some procedures on the way they were sent, our tickets are stuck in customs and we have not received them yet unfortunately, and as I said, we are travelling today to Germany. So we'll be arriving to Berlin tomorrow (Thursday 24) at 11 AM. What could be the best way for meeting if possible...? Please let me know... Thanks, A Macedo
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