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  1. My husband got the call from Sirius a couple of hours ago with all of the info + was told to expect an email. He won on Friday.
  2. For the i+e Tour I bought tickets through Seatwave for Dublin night 4 and while they were smooth to work with I don't endorse a re-seller offically as my official statement here BUT they didn't post tickets to the US in time for my flight departure AND tickets dropped via Ticketmaster in the meantime so I grabbed a pair of those and asked Seatwave to refund me because they didn't make the shipping deadline. Which they shockingly did. So moral of the story is, if you're willing to book a trip to Dublin without tickets in hand, wait for a ticket drop closer to show date.
  3. Yet ANOTHER contest to get into the Apollo show - just posted on the U2 FB page so get on your vintage shirts and get going. I love that they posted this so fast that they didn't update the copy in the post regarding the end time and date, ha! See U2 live at the Apollo Theatre Monday June 11. Follow @U2 and post a photo of yourself in a vintage U2 shirt from your Facebook account with the hashtag #U2ApolloEntry for your chance to win a pair of tickets. By uploading a photo, you agree to the Rules: NO PURCH REQ’D. Legal residents U.S., 18+. Ends [time zone] on [date]. Void where prohibited. Travel, parking, hotel not included. SPONSOR: U2 This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook.
  4. 1 (877) 456-2888 Regarding the lag: yeah, we won via the app at home. I couldnt tell you the lag at the time but I'm sure there's different buffering going on based on time of day, traffic etc. Also note that my husband physically dialed the number. When he tried just hitting "re-dial" on his phone, the line just went busy. I hope that helps, good luck to everyone - it would be great if more Zootopians here won!!
  5. I agree that whomever is curating the channel is doing a great job. Good b-sides, live cuts and album songs. I’m sad it’s only live for a month.
  6. No, I haven’t used up all my days, that’s not it. I’m a VP and I’m having boss guilt for being out of the office here and there for a variety of reasons as of late (including following this band around!)
  7. So here’s a query for the group: I need to come up with some reason(s) for missing work on Monday and part of the day Tuesday (we’re going to do an insane turnaround fly into NY on Sunday and flight out of NY Tuesday morning after the show). I’ve already taken some days off here and there for the tour opener etc. so I need to treat this one with a little care. Good excuses welcomed here if you have any. Points for realistic reasons for missing work vs. “I have to stay home because a taradactyl flew away with my car”
  8. Angel Of Harlem on, hope someone’s called in! 4:24 PT for those keeping track
  9. Well, I have night 2 GAs, I’m sure at some stage I’ll secure night 1 GAs. Can’t wait to come back to Manchester!!
  10. Which contest was his one? They ended up running so many plus calling in I lost track Congrats to you, so great!! I wonder if they’ll have all of us winners near one another and I also wonder where the seats will be. Trust, I’m happy to just be in the house but I’m more curious than anything else.
  11. Through the app at home. Tip: he auto dialed on his cell and that kept crapping out. When he physically re-dialed the number he got through. I hope some other Zootopians win as well!
  12. lukylsp

    Mini golf with U2 and the winner is:

    So cool, congrats again!!
  13. My. Husband. Just. Called. In. And. Was. Caller. 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE’RE GOING TO THE APOLLO!!!! I can’t believe it - holy s*it we’re going. Calling in works!!
  14. The U2 Experience, the limited run all U2 channel, just started a few minutes ago on Sirius (and I believe there is a free trial right now for all those who don't subscribe). Try listening here: (hit "watch and listen")
  15. In ten minutes Couldn’t visit Nashville without dropping in on Jack White’s @ThirdManRecords. First ever direct-to-acetate live recording in the Third Man Records storefront. Catch us live in 15 minutes or so… #MusicCity #U2 #U2eiTour #U2SongsOfExperience #thirdmanrecords
  16. link to performance of Love Is Bigger - was pressed live and is coming out soon apparently.
  17. lukylsp

    Chicago Live Thread #U2eiTour

    I didn’t have a feeling about Love Is Bigger either way until I saw it live. I just love it. The bridge of the song is fantastic.
  18. lukylsp

    Chicago Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Grrrr Scope died again. Acrobat sounded great tonight!! Periscope back up all!
  19. lukylsp

    Mini golf with U2 and the winner is:

    Nice - congrats to you and can’t wait to hear all about it!!
  20. lukylsp

    Chicago Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Let’s go see Gavin Friday...
  21. lukylsp

    Chicago Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Will we get Red Flag Day next one wonders...