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  1. lukylsp

    Unsuccessful going for Chicago GA's

    THANK YOU BIGWAVE/Mods - just got two GA's for Chicago based on the above messages. Really appreciate your help as always.
  2. lukylsp

    Unsuccessful going for Chicago GA's

    Same here mobile app and mobile browser same.
  3. lukylsp

    Red Zone/VIP

    Do we know what the VIP packages consist of yet? I can't seem to find it anywhere...
  4. lukylsp

    pre sale codes-the Joshua Tree tour

    If I'd already re-subbed last year and am Red Hill (subscription expires January 31st) and use my code for JT tour, can I re-up for the remainder of 2017 and get another code should the boys tour S.O.E. this year as well?
  5. lukylsp

    2017 Tour (MOVED FROM RUMOURS & MERGED) Announcement coming on Monday according to the above article - if true, I hope there will be a pre-sale for subs prior to the posted January 17th on sale date.
  6. Random post: My flight is Friday morning, I land Saturday morning (show day) in Dublin and I have two more work days to get through and Thanksgiving with the family... I can't yet get excited! Los Angeles>U2 Dublin, here I come Those already in Dublin: where does it seem like the after show gatherings are happening?
  7. Tried for two hours this morning (from 1am-3am) and got nothing then just got two row 21, section F just now for Dublin 4 - it'll be the first time in years and years I'll not have GA at a U2 show but I'm not complaining - I'm in the house!
  8. 1 hour, 16 minutes - I'm wide awake in Los Angeles...
  9. Did we establish that people who re-subscribed aren't getting codes if we used a code earlier in the tour?
  10. Darn, my old code showed up and crossed out. I guess that means I won't get a new code for re-subscribing before the announcement but I'll still keep my fingers crossed!
  11. think that is what digsy was asking too - I think we will have to wait to see on that one, I have a feeling that anyone who has fully used a code to see a show so far this tour will not be eligible - even if you have resubscribed again. I could be wrong on that as I agree its not crystal clear. Will dig into that... Thank you for the reply Bigwave - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a Dublin code opportunity and appreciate the updates you continue to give here!
  12. Bigwave - what if I used my 2015 code for US shows but paid to re-up through 2016 before the Dublin announcement? I should get another pre-sale code for my re-up to use for Dublin, correct? Or is that not correct?
  13. This is a long shot while I wait to see if there is a ticket dump but if anyone has an extra GA for tonight I'd be thrilled. I will meet you at the Forum anytime today and can pay you via PayPal or cash. Thanks!!
  14. Mine were $87 each if I remember right.
  15. I got them with no problem through the ticketmaster phone app. Pair of GA.