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    Music. David Lynch. Music. Record Shopping. Music. DJing. Music. Running. Music. Spin. Music. Pilates. Music. Snowboarding. Music. Travel. Music. Star Wars. Music. Traveling For Music.
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    Ever changing. Currently Zooropa and POP
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    Window In The Skies
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    Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum 1987
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    Tulsa, OK, St. Louis, MO, Las Vegas night 2, Los Angeles 1 + 2: e+i tour
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    The Roxy, Los Angeles, 2015
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    Bowie. The Smiths. Echo and the Bunnymen. Joy Division. The Velvet Underground. The Beatles. Stevie Wonder. Ella Fitzgerald. Ryan Adams. All things Neil Finn. Marvin Gaye. And a million others.

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My profile pic was taken outside of old Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin, IRE. I saw the boys at 3Arena on the i+e tour, night 4 on that trip.