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  1. Hi all - I’d like some Red Flag Day tonight (remotely)!
  2. Starting this thread here outside of the show thread - post away if anyone wants to get together on Sunday or Monday (assuming people will be busy with different arrangements for the Saturday night show in Uniondale) regardless of attending the show or not. Spots mentioned so far in the other thread: Angel Of Harlem bar Harlem Tavern
  3. His voice sounds great tonight!
  4. It really was. I love that they re-arranged some songs + added non-tour songs to this show. They really put so much thought into this show and we all felt it.
  5. I also forgot, in the madness of the actual show itself, how AMAZING the Apollo version of Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses was - the re-broadcast yesterday reminded me of how much I loved it. It's so joyous - I can't think of another way to put it. The drums were more at the front and it doesn't sound as dark as the album version. I hope they incorporate this version into the live shows (I need to go back and listen to Tulsa - I was in the house that night but can't remember if it sounded more album version or Apollo version).
  6. 100% once I finally tuned in to the show I was thankful for her Scope and the strength of her arm in holding her phone for the entire show!
  7. Blasted, I totally spaced this at my desk - tuned in at Acrobat (aka just now). Glad Philly got Gloria!
  8. Listening to the East Coast feed right now and want to say again that this version of When Love Comes To Town blows me the hell away. So good. I really hope we get a DVD release of this show (either as a fan club/subscriber gift or for sale). It's just so good.
  9. Just boarded my scary early flight home - wanted to say my favourite bit of last night (if I had to pick one) was the AOH/Desire/When Love Comes to Town/Stuck In a Moment (dedicated to Tony Bourdain) with the Sun Ra Arkestra. I didn’t take that many photos and only took 1 vid (AOH) - such an awesome moment. Still buzzing and it was hard to get what little sleep I could last night before my flight.
  10. Well. That was insane. What a night. I was on the rail and Edge shook my hand.
  11. DreamOutLoud is Mixlr’ing right now.
  12. I have no idea if this is true but someone from Sirius told us that the seats have been removed and the floor is GA for tonight. It seems unlikely as they were bolted down theater seats but would explain why it seemed like a ton of tickets weren’t given away as that would lower total capacity. Again: I haven’t gone in yet so take that with a very big grain of salt.
  13. Just looked up Angel of Harlem - it is indeed closed on Monday & Tuesday according to their site Maybe open with special hours for today? Not sure.
  14. I might Mixlr if my battery isn’t too low. I’ll update with a link of so.
  15. Also believe that Mods are going to turn this into a live thread of sorts if I remember right so I’m gonna just leave this right here: Assuming a 20-ish song setlist - it’s being broadcast so hoping it’s not super short. My for-fun-only prediction (AKA don’t nitpick my list please). Anyone else want to draw one up? U2 Apollo Setlist Lights Of Home Where the streets have no name Cedarwood Road Bullet the blue sky Desire Vertigo Discotheque The Blackout Gloria 2 Hearts Beat As One Red Flag Day 11 O Clock Tick Tock American Soul Window In The Skies Bad Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses Love Is Bigger Than Anything In It’s Way One Stuck In A Moment When love comes to town Angel of Harlem All I want is you
  16. My friend is stuck on the exit off ramp to the stadium - has been there over 45min. Apparently people are ditching their cars on the side of the freeway and walking down the off ramp as it’s at a standstill. I’m so bummed for him. Ok he finally parked (got one of the last spots) and headed in. At least he didn’t miss a huge chunk of the show.
  17. Oh no worries - my email isn’t searchable on Facebook and my name probably has a ton of search results. I tried looking for the group on FB but nothing came up so I assumed it was a secret/hidden group.
  18. lukylsp

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    We did it in Vegas (the only show we had seats because I took my kiddo). It was cool and the effects only run during the intro and Love Is All We Have Left (then it tells you to enjoy The Blackout AKA put your phone away). We tried it on the floor but unless you’re positioned away from the screen (and the rail) it’s too close to make it work well. If this helps: I did it at home while watching periscope (pointed my phone app at my iPad) and it worked fine and I saw the effects without having to do it at a show.
  19. I thought someone said 6/08 (so today) would be the last day of the call-in contest. I could be wrong - someone correct me if I am.
  20. I like turning it into a live thread - I plan to not have my phone out during the show but I'm happy to report and discuss afterwards! Regarding area I live - California. So no, all of the winners weren't East Coast or Tri-State and yes, I booked airfare with a weeks notice happily
  21. lukylsp

    Montreal Live Thread #U2eiTour

    So awesome for all of you and thanks for everything you guys do here on the boards. Very cool and very lucky indeed!
  22. Calling in to Sirius when they played AOH.
  23. I felt MacPhisto was more playfully evil than the performances now for sure - I only saw ZooTV once so I can't recall exactly how it went down at the show but I do generally feel he's more ominous now.