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  1. The set list was fantastic and as someone who’s seen them since the Joshua Tree tour, I welcomed giving the set more breathing room, on the heels of the anniversary tour, by not including any JT songs. There were some warm up/first night slips here and there but it was a fantastic show and I really like the set list a lot. If I had my choice they’d ditch One and Vertigo, too. Id like to hear a full band YTBTAM vs acoustic. I loved The Ocean and of course, Acrobat. I also loved the HMTMKMKM remix and the video that accompanied it. Great show, great tour. Seeing it five more times (St Louis, LA x2 and Manchester x2)
  2. Where is everyone ending up for dinner before the show tonight and/or after party post show? I have GA but not playing the line number game.
  3. Landed in Tulsa and tried for a disco nap but too excited - I’ve been awake since 3:15am PT and on two planes. I’ll be running on adrenaline tonight on the floor!
  4. Is U2 HYPE a cover band? Those scare me! I don't want to eat at HRC - are there any gastropub type places that would work before the show that are LYFT-able distance from Scottrade?
  5. Flying in from opening night in Tulsa, my first time in St. Louis. Locals shout out to places to eat, drink, see and do (record stores especially). Just over a month out!
  6. I'm reviving this thread to say, IM EXCITED and we're officially a month out until the tour opener. Any word on an official pre or post party? I have GA but I can't be bothered with the sign up sheet GA line control freaks to be on the rail so I won't be waiting in line to get in. This stage set up being the same as i+e so far as we've seen, lends itself to great sight lines no matter where you stand IMO.
  7. Didn't have this issue, I tried the app but it wasn't working well and I switched to desktop (it's usually the other way round). If you don't get a refund they should* be hard tickets by which you can sell to fans here for what you paid. Unless you're trying for a refund in order not to use up your code, that's a different story. *I'm getting hard tickets for GA - not sure how seated tickets or packages (gold, silver etc.) work in terms of hard to e-tickets or the like.
  8. I didn't get GA Los Angeles tickets with my fanclub code but DID get three GA Los Angeles with the Citi code. (I did get GA's instead for St Louis and my husband got GA's for Tulsa - but irritating that we didn't get them to our home show with our codes) I know other friends who don't have memberships here but have Citi cards and were successful at getting GA for their respective cities. It almost felt like they (whomever they is) free'd up GA's for the Citi pre sale after the fanclub issues the previous days...
  9. Haha. If you want to DM me an address I'll ship it to you no problem.
  10. It's not in the same shape, it's ever changing but the industry itself is one thing - they're leaning on new streams of biz like VINYL (ha) and monetization of content on services like YouTube and streaming royalties (which are far lower than album royalties were). Bands were actually making money when they sold albums and if you go back and look while there was funny accounting for some artists, most of the lawsuits had to do with contract terms and feeling like they were indentured servants to labels than about the royalties they were getting. This is a popular theory that justified stealing music (the artists aren't seeing my money anyway!!!) but that simply wasn't true or our boys would be sharing a one bedroom flat in Dublin in 2017. Now one can argue the cut a label got vs an artist all day and if that was fair but that's a different story based on each artists contract terms. I hear you on ticket prices in general - they are high. Fans are being priced out of seeing their favorite bands for sure (and not just U2 - I experienced the same ticket price changes with Depeche this year for example). And talking of useless CDs I get with pre-sales, I have three copies of the Depeche album unopened. I have nothing to play a CD on anymore even if I wanted to. I'm also not going to redeem my "free" U2 CDs for this reason. So if someone wants a Depeche Mode "Spirit" CD I can post it to you!
  11. I hope that fans with unused codes will be able to use them on future dates as they have been able in the past (for the same leg anyway). Regarding ticket prices - bands make albums which aren't cheap and CDs have gone with the way of the dodo, people want to stream for cheap or outright steal your art. How are they supposed to make money if not shows and merch when a full album of music is now just a marketing tool to get people to come out to see you play? I don't really want to get into an argument about this, mostly because no one wants to hear that what I just said is reality, but I can't really fault any artist who's tickets prices have gone up - this is the only avenue they have anymore.
  12. Some cities have more room for ads than others but I would be surprised if they didn't add any. Los Angeles, for example, has room for two more additional shows if they stick with the every-other-night schedule.
  13. All of the GA tickets I bought gave me NO print-at-home option - it was pay to ship hard tickets to your house only. Therefore, you should be able to transfer those freely to a friend or fan if you can't attend. Los Angeles, Tulsa, St Louis are all shipping hard tickets to my house. I'm sure that doesn't count for (Red) Zone - I've read that folks are still saying those purchases are check-in at the venue day of show. I also can't speak for seated tickets or VIP packages (gold, silver etc.).
  14. Husband got GA Tulsa in Experience and myself GA St Louis in Innocence (don't even mention that I missed my renew email and got knocked down to Innocence - bah). Those two were "easy". It seems like everywhere else was not.
  15. I got three GA tickets to LA via the Citi pre sale this morning. AKA, I had better luck on a credit card pre-sale than my fan club membership pre-sale. That being said, I hesitate blaming the band (or the mods as some have done) about this whole situation and like to place my blame squarely on Ticketmaster/LiveNation/StubHub/Scalpers/etc. There were SO MANY effing GA tickets for all shows up on StubHub yesterday that they were clearly from folks who had pre-sale access and bought them to flip them. Fans or scalpers or both, it sucks.
  16. OK bummer. Wanted to ask if that would help with all that’s going on.
  17. Are we allowed to share codes here? I️ registered for multiple cities (as we were allowed to). I️ got my St Louis tix yesterday in Innocence and I️ registered for Vegas as a back up to LA but I️ got an LA code too. SO are we allowed by mods to share unused Citi codes with fans? If so I️ have St Louis and Las Vegas and am happy to give them to Citi card holding fans.
  18. Got my email last night, got my code about an hour ago - here’s hoping I️ get LA GA today...
  19. Over the course of the last two pre-sale groups StubHub is FLOODED with tickets, mostly GA which is maddening (for all shows not just Boston - my pain point being Los Angeles). So much for “verified” buyers... We also got an email from StubHub regarding U2 tickets for sale. Insult to injury...
  20. Never been, coming out for the tour opener. What say you locals? Need suggestions on things to do/see (record stores of note would be great). Any great restaurants/bars? Woody Guthrie Center is already in the plans.
  21. From what I have seen they are traditional hard tickets this go around. I assume because we were all verified that there is no longer credit card entry as that was an anti-scalping measure. So - you should be able to buy them from someone you trust.
  22. Agree with this - yesterday and today had nothing to do with the Mods and they have no control or access to fix any of this apart from being able to potentially pass along feedback and information from us to folks who may be able to help. For The Joshua Tree tour there was a problem with the Chicago GA tickets not dropping right away. We posted about it, the mods seemingly passed that along and it was fixed quickly and they alerted us to the fix. I remember there being instances of similar communication during past tours. This time it seems the problems are much bigger than an issue with a single show and that's a lot to put on the mods to be responsible for.
  23. I'm sure there will be however, in the past I've gotten GA for ALL of them with no issues with the codes (and sometimes luck). It's a bummer.
  24. I got GA for St Louis and am heading there from the tour opener in Tulsa (husband got GA to that show yesterday during experience pre sale) That said, I didn't get GA for the show happening 15min away from my house (Los Angeles) so I went St Louis instead. I'm going to try for LA tomorrow during Citi and the public on sale after that if it doesn't work out. Arg. Don't forget, in the past there have almost always been GA ticket drops the day before and day of shows as a last minute resort if you don't want to go StubHub
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