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  1. Got my San Diego GA's easily. Used Firefox on my Mac. So Grateful! So excited! Keep trying...don't give up!
  2. OK. I've been going to shows since the 70's. I was a deadhead for all the years they were playing and I love to dance. I have spent many years dancing at concerts and have really tried to be careful and stay within my space as best I can. I'm aware that sometimes I have bumped in to someone. I don't intend to do that and always then adjust in order to not do it again. In LA in front at main stage the man behind me was shooting photos on his iphone. He was reaching around and over me and I bumped in to him several times. This guy was in my space. I could not adjust to not bump him. He told me I had plenty of room. We spent many hours in lines, in hot sun, enjoying the wait making new friends and visiting with old ones. The security guards were so cooperative outside, they really cared about us getting in ok, and we did. Once inside though when people started cutting in front of us (we were one back from rail and did not want to stand on the black flooring at rail) security would not remove people for cutting. How much space is one entitiled to on a GA floor? And if there is a square on the ground showing that amount of space, the square must go all the way up and around me. These people reaching around us to take photos is so very distracting to me. I spend the time to get to where I want to be in the show to enjoy every second of U2's music. The venue is my church and the music , the hymns. It means so much to me. When someone's rudeness awakens this Irish girl's temper I get mad and it wrecks my show. I have a lot more to say and have been trying to put it to words, I'll start with this. Thanks
  3. Justin Herman Plaza San Francisco Save the Yuppies show when Bono grafitied on the sculpture!
  4. I'll be there and am happy to help keep it together. Appreciate any info on how it is getting up front tonight in Canada. So excited!! Ready to sit with y'all and be together again. Much appreciation to all you angels who organize the GA line for us. I'll be checking in here for any info. Thank you all so much. Love you Love U2
  5. Hi Joe. Thank you so very much. The GA group who monitor the lines are angels and I appreciate you so much. Spent a lot of time with y'all over the years...The heart, the heart, the heart...all time favorite. I wonder if you know which side is north and which side is south...want to be on Edge's side. Thank you times a million. Will see you in San Jose.
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