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  1. Yep also having problems with Ticketmaster. Endless waiting with looping circle. Then screens goes dark and am unable to click on the selected tickets. Then back to searching. Now it's saying no tickets available. F you Ticketmaster!
  2. oh how my poor innocent mind has been corrupted by reading just this page lmao!!! anyway, I see someone has now left their 'dirty thirties' behind and has now commenced their 'naughty forties'.... hahhaha.... ok, that was a lame joke even for me but it had to be said .... hope you had a good one LH!
  3. This is a great day for all us aussie fans who've been waiting for so long to hear this news I laughed, I cried, and now I sing my heart out .... 'cos that's how I roll. And they'll be here in Melbourne on my birthday too! And now the excitement, anxiety, until we get those tickets in our hot little hands... let's hope the pre-sale process will go smoothly for all. *stay calm* *stay calm*
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