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  1. u2mom2boys

    St Louis Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Could someone please post any GA info here? I’m not on Facebook and I haven’t seen anything on Twitter. Thanks so much!
  2. u2mom2boys

    2 tickets for sale Section C138 

    KC5MBA, I sent you a PM about 5 hours ago. Just making sure you got it. Thanks.
  3. u2mom2boys

    Tickets unsellable and untradable!

    You might be able to call Ticketmaster and get a refund. I called them about an hour ago (had to stay on hold for 20+ min. before talking to a live person) and explained my situation (wanted to refund the 2 tix I bought earlier this morning and keep the 2 GA tix I finally was able to purchase this afternoon). They refunded my credit card, no problem. Hope that helps. Good luck!
  4. u2mom2boys

    Still cant get in :(

    Just got 2 GA's in Dallas (2:30 CST). Woohoo! (on TM phone app)
  5. Just got 2 DALLAS GAs on TM phone app!!! (after 5.5 hours of trying!)
  6. Ditto for me! Been trying for over 4 hrs, since 9:00 CST, for 2 GAs in Dallas. Trying desktop and app and no luck. If anyone sees they release a GA batch for Dallas, please post. Someone did that for Chicago, which was super nice!
  7. u2mom2boys

    Still cant get in :(

    Still no luck for me either! Been trying to get 2 GA...using Safari online and TM app for over 4 hrs. since 9 a.m. CST. So frustrating! Can someone please post if more Dallas GAs get released? Someone did that for Chicago earlier today, and that was SO nice!