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    Even Better than the Real Thing & When love comes to town BB King & U2 Live!
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  1. Please reschedule! Moron thugs shouldn't get away with this unpeaceful protest!!
  2. Man up Dudes! Next time - Clear your Browsers, make space on your computer, etc. before going online to purchase. Maybe use a Friends computer if they have Higher speed internet. Also churning out songs/albums could be done if you sacrifice quality & the guys DO have a life outside the band. Not trying to be a jerk, but get real folks.
  3. St Louis at Last! Glad they realized the Midwest isn't just Chicago. Chicago is a Blue city in a Red state & should secede from Illinois!
  4. Hope whenever it is they tour the Midwest & the South this time! With the exception of Chicago, these regions were pretty much ignored. In St Louis we almost always get at least 1 show, but that didn't happen last time around. They should probably give me a free blu-ray of Paris,pick up my script cost for a year, send me all of the special CDs from this site(autographed of course),1 of every type merchandise they sell here,offer to let me hang with them for a week or so(at their expense) & have me sing back up on some of the new songs(doo-wop). I'll cover my own restaurant tips tho; Wouldn't want to appear greedy.
  5. onlyluv

    IE Leg 3 & 4 ?

    Jeepers; U2 IE TOUR barely did the Midwest & no Southern States in the USA! WTF? Don't we count? Really disappointed. Not everyone wants to cram into Chicago, from over 300 miles away or more.
  6. onlyluv

    IE Leg 3 & 4 ?

    U2 doing a leg 3 & 4 .Coming back to north america? please let me know thanks.
  7. Is IE coming back to the USA? Will it be 2016?

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    2. Stokie


      Where you read that joshthetree ?


    3. Stokie


      Where you read that joshthetree ?



    4. pain_18_


      END ??? Without the release pf SOE ?? Josh ??? Ehm, where did you read all these?

  8. Cool photo , 2 Edges on guitar would be cool! Maybe his big brother should re-join the band
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