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  1. What has become of our lads??? Sorry but U2 are just taking the p**s. I know it is a way of stopping touts but 2 month before Christmas and they hit us with all this. We all don't have that £500 plus that you said we gave you in Slane Bono. New sub to, new album, new singles plus tour. Yeah wait until I S**t some more money or just grab it from my money tree. Bloody shocking and to be honest a complete rip off. My sub does not finish until March 2018, but I have to renew just to get presale codes. Somebody in the U2 camp must see that this is just pushing us long time fans further away from U2!!!
  2. carriemunky

    My plane home

    From the album: Joshua tree Croke 2017

    Seen this parked up on the way home.
  3. What has been the most mind blowing song that you have been dying to hear live, then it finally comes true? Well for me on the JT30 tour it has got to be EXIT. Since the start of the tour I had only listened to 8 live feeds but stayed away from video clips as I wanted it to be as fresh to me as it did to those folk I heard gasp in awe or scream in amazement at some of the graphics & audio visuals. That is apart from EXIT, I had to see it after all these years, I had to see Bono, The Edge, Adam & Larry play this track that I had waited almost 30yrs to hear & see. Yep I played it over and over again, to the point I have the Eenie meenie minnie mo snippet as my ring tone. So when I flew over to Croke to see it I was not disappointed at all. It totally blew me away. It still flashes in my head when I close my eyes, I can still remember going nuts and having to say sorry to the girl behind me as I stood on her glasses and broke them (my bad). Anyway here is my video of this magic moment but I would like to hear what other U2 fans have that one special moment or song that will live with them forever.
  4. carriemunky

    What has been your favourite track?

    I was hoping for the hero's snippet at the end of BAD, but sadly never got it at Croke. NYD was amazing to.
  5. carriemunky

    Larry loves being home

  6. carriemunky


    I only managed Croke, so I can't tell if it was on sale at other gigs. Sorry buddy.
  7. carriemunky


    From the album: Joshua tree Croke 2017



    1. Helbig


      Brilliant photo of Bono.

      It makes me want to reach out and touch bono?

      Yeah I wish.

      Great close up, and great photo to get all of bono.

      Really love the photo of bono. :wub: :wub: Karen.


    2. carriemunky


      Sadly not taken by myself but yeah it is a great photo. 

  9. carriemunky

    Joshua tree Croke 2017

    Croke park 2017 Dublin. My second U2 show at Croke park (360 tour), my son's second show ever (1st was I&E) & my sisters second ever show (1st was Hampden 360 tour).Been to a few U2 tours but this wins hands down Awesome show. I honestly never ever thought anything would beat my ZOOtv show but this was so emotional, gripping, heart thumping, stunning, mind blowing and freaking LOUD.
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    From the album: Joshua tree Croke 2017

    Buzzing for the show.
  11. carriemunky

    Miss Sarejevo

    From the album: Joshua tree Croke 2017

    Simply beautiful
  12. carriemunky

    Old me

    From the album: Joshua tree Croke 2017

  13. carriemunky

    The B man

    From the album: Joshua tree Croke 2017

  14. carriemunky


    From the album: Joshua tree Croke 2017

    This just blew me away. I stayed away from watching any footage of the shows from before as i wanted it to be fresh to me. This was my NO.1
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    From the album: Joshua tree Croke 2017

  16. carriemunky

    Me and my eldest son Joshua

    From the album: Joshua tree Croke 2017

    He loved it.
  17. carriemunky

    Joshua & my little sister Claire

    From the album: Joshua tree Croke 2017

    Both thought it was amazing.
  18. carriemunky

    Fly over

    From the album: Joshua tree Croke 2017

    During streets
  19. Bubbling Dublin here we come :D:D

  20. carriemunky

    I&E Glasgow

    Some photo's from 2nd night at the Hydro in Glasgow Scotland.