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  1. And yes fair play to the Mods but they shouldn`t have to be doing all this stuff
  2. Blame the promoters there you go, who hires the promoters , who hires such and such the buck stops with the band,,,,
  3. If thats the case why aren`t members getting codes for presale whose fault is that , you can`t tell me the Band have no input if they cared
  4. Hi Bigwave I met you at the o2 in 2015 you seem a top guy whats your thoughts on the disgrace of a lottery going on over codes or will that compromise your position. The band should get involved if they cared but as long as they sell out it wont matter who is there , tickets already on the secondary market . blocking the scalpers has been a great success at the sake of hurting the genuine fans.
  5. 21st Decenber 1981 The Human League , Bingley Hall , Stafford . This was my first gig , being 17 I had been into all kinds of music for many years ( my cousin gave me a copy of Boy just after it came out , he had one listen and said that`s not for him , his loss my gain ) but had never got round to going to a proper live show so now was the time. After hearing of my friends trip to see The Human League in Liverpool , I decided to get tickets for Stafford , after securing tham my next obstacle was the fact I had not long started my first job and was keen not to get off on the wrong foot with my employers, so I went to the doctors and said I wasn`t feeling well he signed me off work for a week , I didn`t think I was that convincing . On to the day of the concert off I went with a friend and my wedge haircut and Tukka boots on , I did try and have a bit of fashion at the time , we were travelling by train as Stafford was about 60 miles from home, so we got on at Runcorn and made our way down to Stafford, it was a cold winter and British Rail didn`t let us down as it was colder in the train than it was outside . We had never been to Stafford before so we had decided to walk to the venue as it didn`t look too far on the map , as we had arrived in Stafford everywhere was white as it had snowed quite a lot , as I said we were walking to the venue but we didn`t know till we set off it was 4 miles away , I can tell you it seemed like 10 miles trudging up a long country road in the snow and it was freezing at this point and the Tukks boots were doing a great job of acting like a sponge and my feet were soaking wet and numb . We got there after what seemed like forever and joined the queue, it was that cold waiting outside people were piercing each others ears with no pain at all as their ears were numb from the cold. We finally got into the venue and most people gathered round the stage as you do for a good view but more importantly to warm up which took a while because I believe the venue was used mainly as a agricultural/cattle market so it was vast and open. The band were touring their big hit album `Dare` including the smash single `Dont You Want Me`, The song I remember them playing more than any other was a cover of The Rezillos song `Destination Venus` , it was a good gig though Lots of booming noises from all kinds of directions and explosions of colour`s. things I had never experienced before it was uplifting. After the gig it was back to station, the positive being it was mainly downhill . Arriving back at the station we found out there was no direct train until 7am, but we could wait an hour and get to Crewe and wait 2 hours for a connection there, this was the best plan as everythig was shut in Stafford even the waiting room at the station, we were so glad of the Crewe train when it came because it was actually warm, it didn`t take long to get there and the other plus of being in Crewe was that the cafe stayed open all night . While we were sat having a drink, there was one of those moments that however trivial stays with you, anyway there was a couple across the way having a drink and the woman spills her coffee and all you can hear is her partner shout `Get it down you` and start laughing. well 2 minutes later he goes and does exactly the same thing so we shout to him `Get it down you` , I know you are probably thinking what am I going on about, I guess you had to be there. The train finally came and took us to Runcorn we had to get on a bus then a double decker and it went straight past my work as people were going in, so I had to get down on the floor so no one saw me, I finally got home and I was so glad to see my bed, I didn`t have any money for Xmas as I had been signed off work but I had my first concert experience and many more since . I wish I could have shared some photos but I wouldn`t have wanted to take my hands out of my pockets, but hopefully you can build a picture from my descrption and also my ticket is nowhere to be seen but the memory remains just about . By the way my best u2 gig was the Point Depot Dublin 30/12/89 if I had gone on about that show the competition date would have passed as I would have gone on forever talking about it
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