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  1. Im fairly certain I did not, I already have the Dance mix...what do i do now? With the renewal of your U2 Fan Club Membership you do qualify for the 2019 free gift, however at the time of your purchase you selected the U2 3-D Dance Remixes. If you have any additional questions you can get answers to common questions by visiting the FAQs at www.u2.com/help. If the FAQs do not answer your question please reply to this email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  2. renewed in October 2018....I think that is before the announcement...but this is what I got below.... 1 U2com14 2019 Gift: U2 3-D Dance Remixes 12" vinyl (U2CF6409) 1 U2com13 Standard Renewal Membership 1YR: 2018 Gift (U2CFSR18) 1 U2com13 Standard Renewal Membership: 2018 Gift (U2CBSR18)
  3. Im bemused by this membership thing... I renewed in November 2018, and am active till Nov 2019 Will I get the CD as a gift, and why did I get 2 copies on the dance mix vinyl? thanks if someone can explain
  4. confirmed in receipt of 2nd u2 3-d vinyl.....bizzare
  5. live nation have sent me an email saying my U2com13 2018 Gift: U2 3-D Dance Remixes is being shipped since i got this in October, any idea why they would ship a second one?
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