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  1. lot of great thoughts on this thread... i DO think and hope they play a sort of homecoming every night- the way they resurrected bad every night jusring JT. i'm wondering- 'love is all we have left'- will that be the 1st song, as the first song on the album-to not be played at a U2 concert? i just don't see it fitting in... they'll play a bunch off soe-- certainly 'little thing that give u away', 'blackout', 'best thing about me', american soul (my vote for opener), and i see 'lights of home', 'get out of your own way', and 'love is bigger than anything...' (my vote for closing number). I'd bet they play a couple more too, anyone's guess from soe.... I doubt they revisit anything from soi. I think they'll leave joshua tree alone- im fine with that- but of course they'll play streets. Someone mentioned discotheque and i think that's a great call. Someone else mentioned 'whos gonna ride your wild horses' another great call. I'd personally love to hear 'trying to throw your arms around the world'... I'd be fine if they did not play sunday bloody sunday, pride, with or without you, vertigo... so many gems i'd rather hear. I'm also hoping the band brings folks to play onstage with them. I'm afraid this time it may be a piano player, but i play guitar. I was at NYC soi tour 2 rows back from b stage when bono walked towards my area looking for a guitar player. He turned around and then brought jimmy fallon onstage. Jimmy was more entertaining than i would have been. But i'm still hoping. Best thing: my daughter fell in love with her first U2 song. I'm hoping to bring her to her first U2 concert.
  2. i wonder if they'll do red zone... although the smaller venues its not worth it imo
  3. jatika

    MSG GA Line

    as everyone says- depends on where u want to be. if u want to be on the rail you really need to get their in the morning, early. same with being up in mainstage area up close. but... the band moves all over that long stage. Some songs they play on the catwalk. I went 7/22-- stayed at the fairfield overlooking MSG with a rooftop bar and we sat there late pm and watched the queue. We got into the end of the line about 6:30 there were prob 500 people or so. I walked right up to the small stage... there was one person in front of me. She was #10 and had been waiting since the night before. The small stage is only about 4 feet off the ground, and 4 feet from the rail if that. North side has a shorter distance to the rail than the south side due to the cameras. Bono dumped water on us. We were very, very close, and didnt have to wait. To be clear: i'm 5'8 and i couldnt see anything on mainstage. You also don't see much of that really cool video screen. But, being that close to the band is the way to go, imo.
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