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  1. POP is the greatest U2 album of ALL TIME

    The YouTube video of "Love is Blindness" (Sydney 1993) is maybe my favorite music video of all time. It's The Edge at his finest. That would be awesome if they brought back that performance to the new tour.
  2. POP is the greatest U2 album of ALL TIME

    I never think U2 is getting stale, and I enjoyed the JT tour as a one-off look back. But generally I like to hear new stuff, or "rediscovered" old stuff. What I think is stale is when the "play the hits" in the second half of the show (like happened with the I+E tour in 2015). I don't need to hear SBS, One, Pride, WTSHNM, WOWY, etc on this tour. Even "I Will Follow" and "Bad" have been done to death by now. And I am really tired of the early-2000s staples (Vertigo, Beautiful Day). I'm hopeful that there will be less of that on the new tour. They still need to flesh out 23 songs per night, and will turn many fans off if they ONLY play stuff from the new album and last album, with none of the traditional hits. But I wish they would anyway. :-) I like the choice of incorporating tracks that haven't seen the light of day (much) on tour in many years. In the end, it's their band and their tour, and they'll do what seems right to them. I've never yet been successful in "willing" them to play just what I would like to hear in a set list.
  3. New Members Introduction Thread

    Yes, that's exactly right. It is like "church" in the sense of feeling uplifted and connected, even without the religious part. Last year I did Santa Clara and then Rose Bowl (2nd night).
  4. POP is the greatest U2 album of ALL TIME

    Not the best U2 album, but a fine album, and some standout tracks that I wish they would have incorporated into the SoE tour: "Please" and "Gone".
  5. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I think they will enter the stage to the recorded track of "Love is All We Have Left".
  6. New Members Introduction Thread

    I've been heavily into every single U2 album starting with "War", whenever a new album has come out. I had to backtrack to get into "Boy" and "October". Actually, the first time that I have not gotten heavily into listening to a new album has been this time, with SoE. Sure, I've listened to all the songs many times, but I'm not super into the album. But I will be, by the time I attend the show on May 7 in San Jose. I'm excited that U2 is mixing things up a bit this time, and performing some tracks that haven't seen the light of day in a while, if ever. I always much prefer seeing U2 perform what's new, plus some non-singles from the past. I don't need them to play the "big" songs every tour. I also thought it was a great thing that they had the dedicated Joshua Tree tour last year, and now they're getting back to the new, and not playing any songs from that album this time around.
  7. New Members Introduction Thread

    Right on! I'll be in San Jose on May 7 (GA). I also had tickets for May 8 (GA), but was forced to sell them, because my daughter's band happens to be playing in San Francisco that night as well, and over my inner protest, I decided to be loyal and go to that show instead. It's really hard not to go to both U2 shows. In 2015 I used the first night to figure things out, as well as enjoying the show, and then I knew exactly where to stand the second night. Also, the set list has interesting variations on Night Two. Plus, I don't really get enough of the U2 experience unless it's two nights in a row, so that it really sinks in. I'm bummed about missing the second show, but excited about the first show. Oh, and as for me... I was turned on to U2 in 1983, after hearing "Sunday", "New Year's Day", and "Two Hearts" on the radio. They quickly became my favorite band, and my first show was during the Unforgettable Fire tour, in Offenbach, Germany (January 1985). I've been to something like 20 or 25 shows over the years, but always regret not being able to attend more shows.
  8. Meet and Greet

    Right? I remember following Heart's limo to their hotel in San Francisco in 1980, and seeing Ann, Nancy, and their bassist, and getting an autograph and exchanging a few words. No other fans around.
  9. Meet and Greet

    Cool story. I was once in the Rainbow Room in L.A. (because I was waiting to attend a show at the Roxy next door), and Bono and some other man were seated at the tall cafe' table ten feet away from me, chatting over a beer and making plans, and finally ordering some Italian dish. I didn't bother them, but it was cool. No one else was around but the bartender. My wife kicked me for not having made contact, but they were engrossed in conversation and I thought it would be uncool. This was on May 3, 2012. Bono walked past me a couple of times. He was doing some classic Bono thing, I think he was trying to procure a canister of gasoline from the bartender, who knows why, maybe because he ran out of gas. Other than that, I have "met" him at the San Jose show in 2015 when the band came out from sound check to greet fans who were waiting in the back. I also got to shake Edge's hand and exchange a few words with him (I asked him how he was doing after he accidentally walked off the catwalk a couple of days earlier. He said "I got off so lucky.")
  10. It's a pretty long and oval rail for this tour, so if you even show up early on the day of the show with GA, you should be all right.
  11. Rehearsals

    Entirely possible. The lads had better not show up with an "acoustic version" or "keyboard version". I want to hear Edge's solo! I want to be transported, which is why I'm there.
  12. I can live without the ones they have made staples: the Joshua Tree hits (which probably won't get played this time around), Sunday, One, Pride, Beautiful Day, Vertigo. "Bad" needs a rest too. But I know that many "casual" U2 fans only know the big hits, so I guess they have to include them. Also "I Will Follow" should be substituted with a different old song. I never cared that much for "Desire" either. On the other hand, I never would get tired of "New Year's Day".
  13. Songs youd love to hear on this tour

    Acrobat would suffice. And hopefully it will finally come true this time, and hopefully it will be close to the album recording.
  14. Rehearsals

    Awesome, thanks. I'll be annoyed if they don't play "Red Flag Day" and "Little Things". But I really hope they include "Acrobat".
  15. What's Your Be Attitude?

    It says to upload an .mp3 file, but when I clicked on "open", I didn't see mp3 as an option, so I uploaded mp4. I guess I'll see what happens.