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  1. I called U2.com this morning to politely ask them to go back to the way presales were handled in the past. I explained that as a fan club member since they began to offer presale codes and a concert goer for multiple stops on each tour since ZooTV how disapointed I am with the amount of GA tix they release for the fan club. It has never been this difficult. If the true intent is to put tickets in the hands of fans, they have failed. They are pushing me to the scalper/brokers to get the tickets that I want. The woman said I could go to the help page on the website and fill out a ‘suggestion’ to the website. I suppose it is a start.
  2. I know exactly what you mean. Struck out again this AM for GA for Vegas 2. After striking out for Vegas 1 for both fan & public sale. No luck either for fan club Vegas 2 sale. NEVER had a problem getting GAs for any tour until now. After jumping through the hoops of verified fan, codes, texts, emails, ended up wasting a lot of time to walk away with no tickets!
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