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  1. Yes yet another article reporting the rumored tour: https://www.theherald.com.au/story/6181052/kiss-and-u2-to-go-head-to-head-in-battle-for-rock-fans/?cs=7594 And btw, saw Kiss in the US and they were great of course, but NO MATCH for U2!! Naturally U2 being the greatest band in the world brings its fan the BEST concerts!
  2. Eagerly awaiting the news in the US!! Fingers crossed we hear something soon! Thank you to everyone for all the thoughts and updates over the last couple of weeks!
  3. Anyone heard anything else about an AU/NZ tour late this year or early next? I am a U2 fan of 30+ years and have a 4.5 year old who's biggest wish is to see U2 play live! And with a potential AU/NZ tour, I have convinced my Dublin-born Irish husband that we have to make the journey from Philly as I am too nervous to wait and see when we'll be blessed with our next US tour. Fingers crossed the guys can make something happen down under! Oh and bonus to get to visit such an amazing part of the world that we have always wanted to see :) Thanks in advance for any insights here :)
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