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  1. I have to say guys, listening to this walking the streets of Dublin, just living my normal life, has been sending chills up my spine. I have on a couple of occasions found myself, either on the streets referred to (raised by wolves) or crossing Northside Southside on the Liffey bridges ( as cedar wood goes into a similar refrain) as the sound s play In my headphones. All I'm doing is going to work and a resonance and nostalgia has been given to the mundane. Made me appreciate it as I'm sure a lot of you guys would love to have done that this week. That's cool, Dublin (like most cities) isn't always easy to love...,... (All the Green and all the gold...ooh I'm off again)
  2. Check q magazine, apparently album nearly ready or done and band feeling confident. I think they didn't want to clash with releases such as Arcade fire last year and coldplay. The album will seem all the better for having a bit of cultural space. Fingers crossed, we're all at turning point with U2. They could come back kicking ass!!!
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