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  1. So, if you walk in just after 7PM there's no line at all, no need to lineup. Once you go in, you can be 2-3 rows deep practically anywhere you want. NYC tends to be a late arriving crowd so practically half the crowd shows up after 8. I wouldn't really recommend camping out on line at all, unless your a South American girl who can dance or someone who can play guitar. Than get their early and get over to the acoustic stage.
  2. FYI seems pretty likely that once they open up doors you don't need to line up at all. Just enter the main via 7th ave and hook a right at the ticket windows towards the Tower D entrance. maybe i shouldn't be telling everyone so I can get agood spot!
  3. Sounds good, thanks for the help. Luckily if I screw up and have a bad spot tonight I can learn from my mistakes as I have GA tickets for next Thurs too! There are great sight lines from a number of the traditional seated seats at this show - but I think overall GA will be more fun because of the energy of the crowd down there.
  4. Interesting - if you end up in Tower D there's really no reason to get on the line I think unless you absolutely want to be on the rail. When I entered via the general entrance yesterday after I passed security there was a guy scanning tickets for GA and there was no lined up by him. Once I went to my seat there was still plenty of room on the floor and this was already past 8PM. I was freaking out a bit because I generally work well past 6 and wasn't going to be able to wait in a line, but I think I'll get a decent spot even if I get to the arena after 7.
  5. I saw on entry way for General Admission holders right by the Tower D entrance (which is to the right of the ticket windows where you enter). Is that the same entry? The interesting thing with this show is that if you are the rail on one side or other, you will basically have a great view for half the show and a not so great view for the other half. It would seem something in the middle of the two stages 3 or 4 rows off the catwalk part would be ideal so you can see both stages clearly and the huge projector screen.
  6. Where do you enter the floor from GA? I went to the show last night and noticed you could enter from the normal entranceway and there was no line to get in and when I went to my seat at around 8:05 the GA was only half full. Is there any real need to line up outside given this is the case and doors open at 7?
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