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  1. Guys - if you are coming to the tour opener In Auckland we are hosting a fan event alongside the team at U2start.com on 7th. All details and tickets here. Our band December has been privileged to play at a number of these events worldwide over the last few years and we are thrilled to be heading to NZ for the first time. Hope you can join us. Can't wait. https://www.decemberband.com/events/whammy-bar-auckland-u2-fan-event-with-u2start-com And a wee link to one of our U2 covers so you can see what we are about:- [a total honour to get to pay tribute to this band]
  2. love it guys, was great to see you there.
  3. Really appreciated this this post. Says it all really. The defining record of my life too and the reason I am in a band still (!) Thanks Big Wave, hopefully see you out on the road. Scott (from December)
  4. we recorded a cover of ASOH

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      Nice cover ... like that ... thanks for the link

  5. our tribute song from Glasgow: all proceeds to Chernobyl Children International. for U2 and Ali, would love if you checked out.

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