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  1. https://www.ticketnews.com/2018/05/parking-snafu-traffic-cause-many-u2-fans-to-miss-la-forum-show-entirely/
  2. And as such, Naturally, you will get replies to your commentary. I didn't coin the term, it's been known as such for a long time now. Look it up.
  3. I was there for 2 nights in 2015 and that was before Kroenke started construction. You can put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig. USC is nice too...but it's still in the hood.
  4. Parking a complete disaster!!! Get there early. The Lots cannot accommodate the capacity due to construction, and you will have to park miles away in INGLEHOOD and walk it if u don't. Poor venue selection by U2!!!! To boot, They ran out of GA floor wristbands at the gate, so I was let in without one, only to be escorted off the floor during the concert because i wasn't wearing a wristband??? The Forum is currently a joke of a venue. What's next, the Olympic???
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