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  1. MaryElise99

    GA Info for Boston Garden?

    So only numbers for night 1 so far?
  2. MaryElise99

    GA Info for Boston Garden?

    Very helpful. I’ll be in town (for the first time) and will make my way right over. Anyone know anyone looking for a seat to night 2?
  3. MaryElise99

    GA Info for Boston Garden?

    Great, thanks! Looking forward to the strange looks at the sharpied number on my hand as I wander around town. ?
  4. MaryElise99

    GA Info for Boston Garden?

    Has anyone started the line?
  5. MaryElise99

    Desperate for 2 GA San Diego Tix!

    Still trying to unload the one that I have! Lol. But, if I can get one buyer who has pals, will contact you. Can't wait for the show!
  6. MaryElise99


    Geez. Guess we should just head straight to stadium when we land Thursday morning, huh? P.S.: I have one GA for sale, face value (OBO). Someone flaked on me after I made the effort to buy an extra ticket bc she was "desperate" to see them again.
  7. MaryElise99

    Desperate for 2 GA San Diego Tix!

    I have 1 GA... let me know if you're still looking or if you want to bring along another friend.
  8. I just posted new topic. I have one ticket. Have you found what you're looking for?
  9. If you missed the ticket drop, I have 1 GA for Friday. I'm traveling in from San Antonio and will be in town Thursday morning. PM me if interested!
  10. MaryElise99

    St. Louis Info

    Thanks! I guess I just have a bad taste in my mouth from previous experience. (Cue me blushing...)
  11. MaryElise99

    St. Louis Info

    Ticketmaster is a joke! I used up my presale code for the first leg so I tried TM directly this morning. At 10:00 a.m. sharp I made my request and at 10:03 a.m. TM tells me there aren't tix available from the venue...but resale tix are already posted. So much for preventing scalpers. TM wouldn't even let me transfer tix to a family member for a show last month.
  12. MaryElise99

    GA Line for Dallas Show

    Any word on whether a Ticketmaster rep wb onsite this afternoon?
  13. MaryElise99

    Dallas May 26 #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Live Thread

    Yup. Overall the line up is a huge mess and we're pretty anxious about how things will play out throughout the day. Far more stressful than necessary. Houston GA line was so much more streamlined!
  14. MaryElise99

    RZ / GA Admission Times

    Thank you!!
  15. MaryElise99

    RZ / GA Admission Times

    Ugh. Well, I'm the only one on my purchase and the person who's going in with me is on the order of the other 4 tickets. The cardholder for THAT purchase isn't coming in to town until afternoon. Now I can't decide whether my best bet is to get a number tonight or just get out there early tom. I'll pretty much be in the same CC/ID situation at 6 tonight or 6 tom morning! Lol.