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  1. there is no disputing that!!
  2. From the album: Larry

    Thank you guys. You make me incredibly happy.
  3. From the album: Larry

    a warm welcoming to the E stage for the second time. i love this band so damn much!
  4. From the album: Larry

  5. From the album: Larry

  6. I can't believe i danced with U2 AGAIN in London.... can you say lucky or what....

  7. i'm available for booking!
  8. danced on the E stage with U2 , in Berlin, O M G !!!

  9. From the album: Larry

    moment of surrender .. and pure joy ...
  10. From the album: Larry

    does Bono have a radar for the shyest people out there ?! regardless, this was the most amazing moment of my life!
  11. From the album: Larry

    Collected over the years.
  12. From the album: Larry

    One of my favorite photos i've ever taken at a U2 gig.
  13. aw that's cute! if Larry's reading...well, i could use a drum kit..
  14. The One and Only!!!
  15. aw thank you! blessings... not just for the ones who kneel...luckily
  16. Going to all 4 Dublin shows..... whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!!!

    1. jadmix
    2. utwothefly
    3. Amraaa


      well i live in Ireland so we could get the tix before anyone else, and i also got very very lucky . friends helped, too!

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  17. From the album: Larry

    New York, night 7
  18. From the album: Larry

    This was Night 6 in New York, MSG.
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