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  1. another +1 on this. That could be incredible !!!!!
  2. We could spend the next few months debating the setlist so i'm not going to predict. I'm personally going to Croke Park so hope/expect to hear A Sort of Homecoming and am desperately hoping they play Bad , they've been really selective about dropping it in over the last few tours and it should be a mainstay in my opinion. I'd love to hear them drop some bombs from the early 80's and would have problems with my underwear if they went back to the "a day without me/i threw a brick" combo. The anticipation is killing me !!!!!
  3. Yep, Wembley on 13/6/87, the saturday iirc and then Cardiff Arms Park shortly after !!! Brilliant.
  4. Thank you, I'm guessing that it will be a case of head to the city centre, hopefully there will be some u2 themed stuff going on in the afternoon, and then follow the hordes up to Croke Park.
  5. LOW308, row O, seats 14-13, hoping they'll be decent !!!
  6. We're also on the 6.30am flight from East Midlands but for some crazy reason we're on the 7.30pm on Sunday home. In the mad rush to get all the logistics sorted it wasn;t planned very well !!! I don't think you can ammend flights without stomaching a massive fee. We've booked the Grand Canal Hotel which also was poorly planned as it's SOuth of the RIver and seems miles away, Anyone have any ideas on how far it is to walk to the venue from the City ??? I know nothing about Dublin but am really looking forward to it!!!
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