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  1. Stage Layout

    According to the news article announcing the EU dates there will be "multiple performance areas" which suggests possibly more than just two. If that's the case here's a metaphorical comparison for what we may be getting. I&E: E&I: NOTE: I'm not actually expecting the E&I stage to be broadly any different from the I&E stage, I just saw the opportunity to do something that might be funny.
  2. 'All the promises we made…'

    Fantastic song, shame it didn't make the full show when BBC1 broadcast it.
  3. Pre sale london O2

    Pretty sure that's how it works for every event at The O2.
  4. Europe

    Keeping my fingers crossed for a smooth one. I found the I&E and TJT presales went very smoothly, so hopefully more of the same here. Very glad we haven't been lumped with the Verified Fan system.
  5. Have to Count - the new and improved one :P

    42158 - It should go better since they haven't lumped us with the Verified Fan system. I'm going to be travelling to Brighton for a band rehearsal on Thursday so I'm really hoping that coffee shop wifi doesn't let me down... I've also just preordered the new Editors album. My bank balance is going to be screaming in agony cometh Thursday!
  6. Europe

    Haven't got mine yet. Guessing they'll start coming in tomorrow afternoon.
  7. Europe

    Experience presale is 10am this Thursday, when I'm out of the house all day. Coffee shop wifi don't fail me now...
  8. Have to Count - the new and improved one :P

    42148 - Late morning counting. Miserable weather indeed. On the plus side, European E&I dates rumoured to be getting announced tomorrow!
  9. Have to Count - the new and improved one :P

    42128 - Went to Brighton with one bag on my back - returned with an acoustic guitar I randomly bought yesterday! Imagine having played guitar for 9 years, and having graduated a music degree, and it taking that long for me to actually buy an acoustic...
  10. Have to Count - the new and improved one :P

    42109 - Evening everyone. Tomorrow I've got work from 10-3, then I've gotta get straight home, then straight back out to the train station to get to Brighton...this is going to be fun!
  11. Less gigs this tour?

    Maybe the touring cycle is starting to take its toll on Bono's voice? There weren't many shows on The Joshua Tree tour either, and he kinda sounded like he was struggling on some of them.
  12. I'd much prefer it if every GA line was a coordinated effort between U2 and the venue. The problem with letting the fans run it is that it's always the same fans running, and giving their close friends the best places in the line. They turn up the night before, meet at a certain point, get marked and then go back to their hotel room or wherever it is they're staying, and don't actually stay at the venue. Not every U2 fan going to a show hears about the GA line either, so someone turns up outside the venue to line up at the time from which the venue has said it's okay to do so, thinking they'd be one of the first people to get into the arena. But then 50+ other people turn up afterwards saying they're in front, and, in some cases, from what I've heard, getting aggressive with fans who didn't hear about the GA line and who don't want to play by the unofficial rules. The end result is that it's the same people on the front rows every night - IIRC, something the band themselves got fed up of during the Elevation tour in Boston and tried giving different people access to the heart stage, which resulted in a sit-down protest - which to me suggests there's a sense of entitlement that goes with this. So yeah, if U2 could take charge of the GA lines and coordinate with each venue, that'd be great. Probably won't happen though.
  13. Music is “girly” - interview with Bono

    This is the worst example of clickbait I've seen in a long, long time. This is one tiny, tiny quote in a really long interview where Bono talks about a multitude of subjects. Here he was in the middle of an anecdote talking about his son being in a band and being a strong believer in a rock & roll revolution. He was saying that he felt there aren't enough outlets for young male anger - which in itself is a valid point. There aren't. Young men are told that things like crying, expressing emotions and things like that are "girly"/"not boy things" (or something along those lines) which can cause negative emotion to build up into anger and can have consequences for both men and women in later life. That anger and negative emotion needs to be released in some way before it can do real damage, and that's along the lines of what he was getting at. But anyway, as I was saying... It's just ridiculous how a bunch of websites like the above took a short sentence from a much longer interview that covered so much stuff and made it the headline of their story. It was taken completely out of the context of what Bono was saying, and that's my real bugbear with journalism these days. I guess "girly" was the wrong choice of words - something like "more female-driven" might have been better. But now they're going to try and take that quote and use it to paint him as some sort of old-fashioned, sexist pig who's no better than Trump or Weinstein or whoever else. Me, and anyone else who saw the Joshua Tree tour this summer and watched them play Ultraviolet with the celebration of great women on the screens, will know that that's not the case. But most other people who weren't at the Joshua Tree tour (and thus didn't see Ultraviolet and the celebration of women) probably hate Bono's guts, and as a result, won't bother doing any digging to actually look at the quote in the context of what he was saying. That's where clickbait by journalists keen for more hits on their websites meets bad reading comprehension from readers (not aimed at anyone on here), and that's when the damage is done.
  14. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    It's just occurred to me that Adam's bassline on Red Flag Day bears a bit of similarity with the one on The Troubles. Seems the callbacks to SOI aren't just lyrical.
  15. Bono Rolling Stone Interview

    This is a really good interview. The only downside is that I've already seen a couple of publications jump on the "Music has gotten very girly" quote and turned it into a clickbait headline.