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  1. RIP Terry Jones. Life of Brian is still a cinematic and comedic gift.
  2. They're the rock/music equivalent of The S*n. They also do negative content regarding Tool, Slipknot, etc. They just want views on their site.
  3. 45318 - Introduced the parents to Cards Against Humanity. Dad won 3 times. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!
  4. 45315 - Hope everyone's been having a good Christmas & Boxing Day!
  5. In the wake of the political mess unfolding here in the UK, Get Out of Your Own Way is becoming a song of personal strength for me.
  6. 45305 - I'm doing the triple bill tonight as well. 9 hours in a cinema, gonna be good!
  7. 45286 - I now feel more of an exhausted, frustrated but unsurprised anger. Like...again? 9 years of Tory damage on display for everyone to see, headed up by a prime minister who hides in a fridge to avoid questions, and...we voted for this again?
  8. You know what's weird about this last show? It's not just the last show of the tour, it's U2's last one of the entire decade. What a decade it's been.
  9. 45279 - I seriously hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the exit poll is forecasting the biggest Tory majority since Thatcher. I am shaking.
  10. Good morning from the UK! Hoping to actually tune into the show this time round, haven't followed this tour that closely. EDIT: Oh. Just seen that it was only the one show.
  11. The National were stunning last night. A beautiful show with lots of unexpected highlights. Matt Berninger came down into the crowd a few times and at one point was within touching distance of me; alas, I was thwarted by the sheer volume of people in the way. The other major thing from the night was when they played their track About Today. It's a breakup song but I guess you could also interpret it as being about losing someone in general (https://genius.com/The-national-about-today-lyrics). A friend of mine passed away a couple of months ago, and when they played About Today it made me think of him. I didn't even cry that hard during With Or Without You at my first U2 show. That was powerful stuff. I also had a couple of friends who were working as part of the stage crew that night. They said it was generally smooth but apparently one time when Matt went in the crowd the stage manager followed to keep him safe, and a fan punched him & gave him two broken ribs. Behave yourselves, people! The security detail are only there for your safety and the safety of the band! Apart from that, great night.
  12. Haven't been here for a while! Had fun watching Jamie Lenman at Patterns in Brighton on my birthday a few weeks ago. I also just bagged a last minute ticket for The National at the Brighton Centre tomorrow night - roughly 5 years after I last saw them at The O2 in London. Frank Turner's coming to the Brighton Dome as part of his solo tour in March, and by then it'll have been a good four years since I last saw him. Feel like I ought to pop along.
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