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  1. Have to Count - the new and improved one :P

    43072 Excited counting having just seen that U2 have been rehearsing Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses...they'd better not be messing with us!
  2. Songs youd love to hear on this tour

    *Just seen the video the band put on Facebook & Instagram...they better not be playing with my emotions like this!
  3. Stephen Hawking, R.I.P.

    Rest in peace. A mind like no other.
  4. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Don't think they will play again to be honest. However coloured our perception of the 2011 show (as diehard fans) was, it got a pretty mixed reception from a lot of critics and people who were there, and I think even the band themselves don't remember it so fondly. If it had gone the other way and been received in all quarters as a huge success, then they'd probably be playing this year, but the festival's taking a year off to let the land recover. All that said, the fact that they took The Joshua Tree tour to Bonnaroo in the US last year suggests they're not averse to playing festivals every once in a while - maybe next year they could do festivals in some of the places they haven't visited lately (Australia/New Zealand, Africa, Asia).
  5. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Don't think The National have ever played with U2, although it wouldn't have surprised me if they had. Muse supported them on some 360 dates and Edge guested with them on their Glastonbury headline slot years ago. I haven't listened to much Interpol although they have a few songs I really like, but I'm seeing them support The Cure this summer so will be nice to get more of a feel for them.
  6. Have to Count - the new and improved one :P

    42977 - Seen today that Editors have announced a UK tour, including a London show on 24 October - the night after I see the E&I tour at The O2. U2 at The O2 one night, Editors at Brixton Academy the next? Yep, I can do this...
  7. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Personally I was getting vibes of the new National album mixed with a bit of Absolution-era Muse.
  8. Have to Count - the new and improved one :P

    42932 - Chilled out counting after a hectic couple of days.
  9. Why are the BBC holding onto Abbey Rd full live set?

    LIBTAIIW is in the broadcast, it's the last song in the broadcast on both the short and long versions (which is weird, because it was only the 8th song they played out of 11). The only song which wasn't in the broadcast was All I Want Is You, which they put on YouTube instead.
  10. Have to Count - the new and improved one :P

    42896 - Snowy afternoon counting. Nothing this morning, then on and off early this afternoon, but just now it's suddenly started going full blizzard!
  11. Music is “girly” - interview with Bono

    With Larry I think it's more to do with previous lingering health issues (he had back issues stemming from I think an injury during the Joshua Tree tour '87 which then peaked when the band were recording Pop). I found myself trawling through the U2 Interference message boards and found this post (original thread here: Quoted post follows. "I think that Larry in general is hard to read. He can come off as not particularly warm or charming when on stage. I can personally attest. I worked security for the Somerville promo gig, and it is just like this:A.)He beats the hell out of those drums and there is an INTENSE focus. Seriously, my bones rattled and my chest and neck pulsed every single time he hit a bass drum or a cymbal! Especially the crashes during Breathe, which were going right into my throat!B.)He plays in a lot of pain, obviously. Tendonitis, back issues, etc. As a result, and again, I was 8 feet from him the whole show, he often shows it!Even though I am well aware of A and B, I kept thinking the whole time "Larry looks PISSED at me, like he is directly looking at me and thinking he will fucking kill me." And this was an hour after I had a conversation with him about my aunt's first show in 1980 and before he talked to me after the show as they were leaving! I of course knew he was the nice, down to earth, not a mean bone in the body Larry we are familiar with, but while he was up there on stage, wow!It was to the point where I kept thinking "am I dreaming?" "did I unknowingly man handle some innocent patron out the door like a hells angel security guard and Larry noticed and is now pissed at me?"I know I won't make any sense to the average person here, but that is literally how intense he is behind the kit, with no exaggeration at all. If you are near him, you will think he is mad and you will think he is staring a hole through your head!But talk to him 10 minutes before or after and the best way I can describe it is he comes off exactly the same as he did in the R&H interview where he is sitting at the table talking about Elvis as "Heartland" segues into "Bad." Polite, deferential, smiles and is willing to have a conversation, not just a "hey" on the way by.So bottom line, he is hard to read!"
  12. Have to Count - the new and improved one :P

    42758 - Midnight counting at the end of a long week of work capped off with a band rehearsal earlier today. Time to catch up on The Grand Tour!
  13. Have to Count - the new and improved one :P

    42756 - Or as Blackbeard would say: "To err is human; to arr is pirate."