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  1. Got back from Download today and I'm still just about alive! Wonderful weekend. Finally got to see Slipknot headline on the Saturday who I've been dying to see for ages and they were everything I hoped they'd be and more. Tool headlined the Sunday - it was their first UK show in 12 years and they were truly incredible. (If by pure chance MacFoley happens to read this, thanks for recommending them to me all those years ago!) So many other amazing bands as well. Next up for me is Interpol at the Brighton Dome next Wednesday!
  2. Tomorrow morning I'll be off to Download Festival up north for a rock & metal weekender!
  3. 44972 - Best of luck to everyone attempting to buy Joshua Tree tour tickets today!
  4. 44971 - Exasperated counting as my country is once again rolling out the red carpet for Trump today. This is the one good thing about all these Brexit shenanigans - for just a little while, you forget who's in the White House across the pond.
  5. 44969 - Getting what I now call The Joshua Tree feels in the wake of the announcement. They're something I've been getting from time to time ever since the 2017 tour but I've only just managed to put a name to them!
  6. Gahhh, I'm usually at work around that time! 😢
  7. I've just realised - live threads are going to be a thing again! Let's see if time zones permit to tune into these ones...
  8. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds are supporting on all shows. Good choice too, saw him at Twickenham on the 2017 Joshua Tree tour and also twice headlining in his own right!
  9. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds confirmed as support act.
  10. Guys...the tour page has been updated! https://www.u2.com/tour
  11. Oooh it's happening! Feeling excited for all the fans who are finally gonna get the boys in their neck of the woods!
  12. Just listened to the new downloads, wonderful stuff! I forgot just how intense Raised By Wolves is - one of my highlights from the I&E tour will forever be watching Larry beating the kit within an inch of its life in the last minute. One thing I'm wondering, is this going to be a compilation of songs from both tours or just a compilation of live cuts from the I&E albums?
  13. 44964 - I mean, with the croissant situation, those girls kinda deserved that, based on that quote it went a bit beyond just not bothering with the lingo! I work in food service and let's just say, if you're an unpleasant customer, you're gonna get some very passive-aggressive service...I saw a quote from Bono where he says "Don't p*** off the pizza guy. You're gonna depend on him!" Needless to say, next time I book a trip overseas I'm going to download Duolingo!
  14. 44959 - Had that exact language thing in Berlin. For some weird reason they can just tell you're not local. My dad would speak in German and whoever he was talking to responded in English! 😂
  15. 44957 - Tired counting after a busy weekend of working and songwriting. Looking forward to having tomorrow's bank holiday Monday off!
  16. Here's one from The Joshua Tree tour at Twickenham, on night 1, just as things kicked off.
  17. 44951 - Just seen the new photos released from The Rise of Skywalker - looks amazing!
  18. 44950 - Still trying to grapple with just how bad the Game of Thrones finale was. I don't think I've ever been that annoyed by a movie or TV show before!
  19. Update! https://www.u2songs.com/news/the_joshua_tree_2017_live_from_mexico_city_film Obviously this is all rumour at the moment and we can't expect anything until it's announced here but ya know.
  20. 44944 - Returned from Berlin just over an hour ago! Had a wonderful time and got to see lots of sights and eat lots of awesome food. Took a trip on the U2 underground line and got a look at the outside of Hansa Studios as well!
  21. 44937 - Excited counting as I’m off to Berlin for the weekend tomorrow! Might actually catch a glimpse of Hansa Studios this time round!
  22. Okay, so Joshua Tree shows after all. This is just going to make me nostalgic for The Joshua Tree show I was at now! What I do hope for this is that they find some way to fit SOI/E tracks into the set as well, because they’ve only done those songs in the US & Europe (unless you count Best Thing being played on The Joshua Tree tour in South America). One thing I also noted from u2songs was “we have been told the band will start work on a new album after this tour.” Even more good news!
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