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  1. omg...wow! how did you feel about it? did you use an amp and mic? what kind of guitar did you use? do you sing? what did you play? how was the crowd? It was a good audience, I used my good old Epiphone SG, plugged straight into the PA. And yes, I did sing, these songs: For some reason the third one just appears as a link. Weird.
  2. I played my first open mic night tonight! Went really well!
  3. Crouch End...that's in north London, right? Not too far away from Hertfordshire, where I live!
  4. So let me get this straight, U2 aren't writing any new songs with Tedder, they're just trying to get the songs they've already written to sound right for them? Makes sense I suppose...
  5. Brilliant! There's another version of that which has the caption "Go away Adele, we're already globally recognised rock band!"
  6. No, not turmoil, because according to the Guardian the album's still being released this year.
  7. Except that now the Guardian has reported that the album is still set for release this year.
  8. I looked at the article, it says it was published on 16 November 2013. 4 months later, we've no album and no tour announced.
  9. I bet every record label that rejected U2 has spent the last 3 decades kicking themselves. Hard.
  10. I think U2 are overthinking things and worrying for the wrong reasons. They thought that because NLOTH didn't sell so well it meant they had to drop half the songs from the setlist, even though I and a lot of other fans absolutely loved the album. They thought their performance at Glastonbury was a failure even though the reaction on this site was massive. And now they've spent the last 6 years stopping and starting with the new album, and now they feel like they have to rethink everything AGAIN even though Invisible was really well-received on here (not by everyone, obviously, but by a large number of people). I think they definitely need to overthink things less, and I do agree that we need an official, non-third party statement.
  11. Well at least they're actually working on something. One of the producers just needs to tell them "Just release the damn album already!"
  12. I know 6 years is pushing it, but equally, it took Queens of the Stone Age 6 years to bring out ...Like Clockwork, and that was a brilliant album. Still, this is really frustrating. It's getting to the point where I don't even care whether or not they release an album anymore, I just want them to tour. Someone, a band member, the manager, the record label, just needs to say something NOW.
  13. Except it only took them 3 years after the Elevation tour ended to release HTDAAB. At 6 years they're pushing their luck.
  14. all of them?! outstanding pete!! are you going for music? Yeah
  15. Brilliant article. And I loved the bit about Coldplay being disingenuous!
  16. I got ALL of my university offers in yesterday! Now I have 2 months to make a decision!
  17. http://www.crawlsf.com/2013/05/08/the-real-story-behind-van-halens-infamous-no-brown-mms-rider/ Metallica: Metallica’s Rider states “BACON: VERY IMPORTANT THAT BACON BE AVAILABLE AT EVERY MEAL AND DURING DAY” Bacon bacon bacon..yum yum yummy!! Bacon? I thought it was Foo Fighters who requested that. Either way, bacon RULES. The strangest request I've heard is Axl Rose's request for a 'square melon'...
  18. I've heard of strange rider requests, but this...
  19. Bono said in his recent Radio 1 interview that they'd like to play the O2, so you might be right.
  20. Oooh, can't be too far away from an announcement!
  21. Well for starters I can see Invisible opening the show followed by City of Blinding Lights.
  22. here here I can't stand it when someone holds up an Iphone for 5mins or more in front of ya face I don't mind people taking a few photos but enjoy the concert, don't view it through a screen and block my view. I remember at the start of MetallicA's 'World Magnetic Tour', James Hetfield told the audience in London to put down their phones. then he said something about just making a sh*tty video for youtube he was so right on \m/^_^\m/ I remember that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs recently did a New York show where they banned the audience from taking videos with their cameras.
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