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  1. Here's hoping this isn't the last time we see that song on a setlist!
  2. Is it weird that I almost prefer this version of EBTTRT to the album version? That said I preferred the 360/IE version of this with the guitar solo at the start.
  3. "Welcome to the experience of innocence, recorded on film tonight!"
  4. Time to get elevated, caffeinated, percolated, one last time...
  5. One more time for one of the standouts of this tour...
  6. Father Brian Eno is in the house tonight! (anyone get that Father Ted reference?)
  7. It looks more like it was taken during The Joshua Tree tour - I don't remember Bono's hair being that short at all during this run!
  8. If they ever play The Fly again I hope these digital age visuals get brought back!
  9. I can say from experience (geddit?) this song live is quite something. Especially when Bono and Edge are playing it right in front of you.
  10. "Ready to let go of the steering wheel" sounds like how they felt when they decided to switch the set up!
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