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  1. I've been there a few times - Doctor Who exhibition, Bloc Party and most recently Arctic Monkeys. It's a great venue. But The O2 would be much better for U2 because they could fit more people in. Edge said he'd be busy in summer and in the last part of the year. Maybe the album gets released between June and September and the tour starts in the UK/Europe in October/November? I'm also keen to redeem myself too Anjana, for missing out on the 360 tour!
  2. I still haven't got mine, but I did get an email five days ago saying it had been shipped.
  3. So apparently Bono has said they're going back indoors, places like The O2 in London etc., so when will this be? Given that the album's been pushed back to June I can see them heading for the UK in Autumn...which just happens to be the time at which I'll be heading off to university. This could be a tricky one.
  4. That's not fair. You can't judge people's level of sensibleness purely based on their opinions of a song.
  5. Having listened to the song some more, I can totally imagine it opening the show in a double whammy with City of Blinding Lights. The two songs are similar in some aspects.
  6. I was wondering that this morning. Good ploy to get the sales up and get into the charts doing it for free!, although its clearly for charity lol. Good work whoever thought of that idea! U2 + free...does not compute... I disagree. U2 need to do more free tracks, it was much better than having McGuinness swindling extra money out of the fans with massively expensive boxsets and stuff like that...hopefully those days are over.
  7. Not a bad cock-up though, the money starts coming into (RED) early now!
  8. Same here ! If the album will sound like this, U2 is over and done with !!! It's far fetched to say U2 are done just because you aren't happy with it. I and others appear to still like them a lot. From what comment's I've glanced over both here and on Facebook, the majority of people seem to like this song. You two are the first I've seen who don't like it. Given the odds, I'd say that this is a massively successful release for U2. If you don't like it, say you don't like it and move on. No need to drone on with your negativity about how you want the band to end.There are loads of other bands in this world who you have to listen to. As for the song, I love it. It's nice and catchy and I liked the intro and phase into the band playing. Although for the album itself having some songs with more guitar emphasis would be good. I thought this song worked well though. but I will agree we need a little more Edge... ;-) In the making of video, you can see a lot of what sounds like synths is in fact Edge playing with his effects.
  9. One thing I've noticed is that this is the second U2 freebie we've got in a row. Having not been a U2 fan for too long I have to ask - did we get many free tracks when McFatcat was manager?
  10. I wonder if the video footage is a sign of what the tour will be like? Cool visuals, but back to basics with the stage, with the usual gantry extending from it?
  11. Bono's using a different Gretsch to his usual Irish Falcon, Beautiful thing, too bad he can barely play it.
  12. From the looks of the U2 Facebook video it's not synths per say, but Edge guitar and the magic sound bank. Indeed, Edge getting all effects-y and doing his thing.
  13. I think Hesitation Marks and Like Clockwork are both brilliant albums.
  14. Fez, Magnificent and Breathe were my favourites from No Line. If Magnificent had been the first single instead of the second I imagine the album would have got a much better reception.
  15. I am not too sure about the With or Without you similar sounding one. If that IS them, I hope they don't release it. These are just Jams, rough sketches ... It's clear that a lot can happen between these Sessions and the finished Final Songs ! The titles all say Electric Lady, so these would have been from sessions back in May/June...who knows where these jams are at by now eh!
  16. I'm expecting there'll be a BIG rush for everyone to get in there as quick as possible though...
  17. I like this stuff. I like it a lot. It sounds dirty!
  18. Ach. Just noticed the countdown on iTunes...looks like I'll have to wait until 11pm on Sunday, which means staying up later than I usually would.
  19. I'll be staying up late on Saturday then. Gonna wanna be in there at the midnight hour!
  20. Bruno Mars with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. This oughta be good! http://www.cnn.com/2014/01/11/showbiz/red-hot-chili-peppers-super-bowl/index.html The poster says "Bruno Mars with special guests Red Hot Chili Peppers". I was just like, SERIOUSLY?! Surely it should be RHCP with special guest Bruno Mars? It's ridiculous!
  21. Next thing you know we'll be waiting until December 2015.
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