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    And this is all speculation! If you thought of the song titles in the last CD, they're also awful


    Breathe, Get on Your Boots, Fez/Being Born, I Know I'll Go Crazy If I don't Go Crazy Tonight (WHAT THE F IS THE TITLE OF THIS SONG?!?)


    so. don't judge a book by its rumored cover :D


    :wub:  :wub: :wub:  Yep don't judge :blink: 


    I'd like the New album to Be a Classic one like N L O H  is for me ...........


    And What happened to the "linear" guy ? did he reached the morocco coast ? :rolleyes: 


    Good Question, 'cause he never did on 'Linear' !


    They should do a sequel to coincide with the album!

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    We've been doing some digging into that alleged album track list that's going around. Seems like, yes, a few fans have been invited into Electric Lady studio to hear some new songs. One song sounded like it may have been Edge singing lead. One fan says "BS" to the track list because some songs don't have titles yet and the song order is undecided. Too much work left to do for the track list to be accurate, the fan says. 


    Sound was described as "raw" and "old school" and "not like Eno/Lanois."


    As always, your mileage may vary. Don't shoot the messenger. Etc. :-)


    From: atu2

    What does " says BS to the track list" mean ???

    It means the fan thinks it's fake

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    we can pretty much assume we know the amount of songs on the album ;)


    Only ten songs? I want at least twelve, preferably fourteen. ;)

    twenty maybe... :)

    But if it was twenty the chances of filler would increase...see RHCP's Stadium Arcadium, that's what happens when you just try and put on as many tracks as possible, and it's not good.

  4. Errm 6 giggs in 6 cities

    I think it would be as it says  6 giggs in 6 cities 1 in each

    I would guess at North America  South America 1 in the Far East  Australia they would have to do Dublin after missing it on the 2nd leg of the 360 tour and maybe 1 more in Europe somewhere

    But they would have to be pretty massive open air giggs to cope with demand

    Would be interesting to see how it works followed with a full world tour

    The idea was actually 6 cities, and 6 gigs in each.



    How would this 6 cities thing work in the England?


    What was the last time they played 6 cities in England alone?

    Not since the War tour, and they were a lot smaller back then.

    Wouldnt mind them copying The War Tour venues...


    · 1983-02-26 - Dundee, Scotland - Caird Hall

    · 1983-02-27 - Aberdeen, Scotland - Capitol Theater

    · 1983-02-28 - Edinburgh, Scotland - Playhouse Theater

    · 1983-03-01 - Newcastle, England - Newcastle City Hall

    · 1983-03-02 - Lancaster, England - Lancaster University

    · 1983-03-03 - Liverpool, England - Royal Court Theater

    · 1983-03-04 - Hanley, England - Victoria Hall

    · 1983-03-06 - Portsmouth, England - Guildhall

    · 1983-03-07 - Bristol, England - Colston Hall

    · 1983-03-08 - Exeter, England - University

    · 1983-03-09 - Poole, England - Arts Centre

    · 1983-03-10 - Birmingham, England - Odeon

    · 1983-03-11 - Cardiff, Wales - St. David's Hall

    · 1983-03-13 - Brighton, England - Top Rank

    · 1983-03-14 - London, England - Hammersmith Odeon

    · 1983-03-15 - Ipswich, England - Gaumont Theatre

    · 1983-03-17 - Sheffield, England - City Hall

    · 1983-03-18 - Leeds, England - Leeds University

    · 1983-03-19 - Manchester, England - Apollo Theater

    · 1983-03-20 - Derby, England - Assembly Rooms

    · 1983-03-21 - London, England - Hammersmith Odeon

    · 1983-03-22 - London, England - Hammersmith Odeon

    · 1983-03-24 - Glasgow, Scotland - Tiffany's

    · 1983-03-25 - Liverpool, England - Royal Court Theater

    · 1983-03-26 - Newcastle, England - Newcastle City Hall

    · 1983-03-27 - Birmingham, England - Odeon

    · 1983-03-28 - Nottingham, England - Royal Centre

    · 1983-03-29 - London, England - Hammersmith Palais

    · 1983-04-03 - Bourges, France - Festival De Printemps



    Hardly a day off in the whole of that month!

    At U2's age, that'd be overdoing it! They're not young anymore like they were back then!


    I hope this is just what it is...a rumor.  I HATE, HATE, HATE this idea.  Makes me sick to think about it.  And can Bono's voice handle 6 nights in a row?


    idk why you hate this idea, but bonos voice not holding up is important.


    6 nights in a row?


    how could his voice handle that?


    It is important. 6 nights in a row would probably put a strain on Bono - he's getting on a bit and his voice isn't what it used to be. 6 nights in a row is hardly going to do it any good. 


    But that said, if it was 6 nights in 6 cities, why would they have to be consecutive. 


    I'm not too sure whether this '6 nights in 6 cities' thing is a good idea either. I mean, to put it bluntly...what's the point? Why do 6 different-sized gigs in 6 cities and then do the world tour the year after? Why not just include said 6 cities in the world tour?

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