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  1. moh75

    Wanted 1 GA for Koln Sat 17th October

    sorry, I didn't understand...Do you sell tkt or do you need it for yourself?
  2. I can't download anything from "Another Time, Another Place"... no vinyl is arrived, I'm little bit worried!
  3. moh75

    need help

    Problem fixed. Tickets are false, Ebay warned me by mail...the guy is considered not reliable.
  4. moh75

    need help

    yes. You're right. thanks for the reply.
  5. moh75

    need help

    I'd like to buy these 2 from a reseller...face value. Someone can tell me if these are genuine tickets? it seems to me so, I would like to know your own opinion. thanks!
  6. Everything's been awesome! U2 passion burning around the world...great result!!!
  7. moh75

    tkts exchange Turin/Koln

    Hello everyone! I have two GA tickets for Turin September 5 I'm going to exchange with 2 tickets for Cologne October 17, preferably GA also. Please help me if you can, come forward!