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  1. [quote name='U2LAWoman wrote: Zhivvy wrote: U2LAWoman wrote: badgirl56'] Well to be fair, some of drool over his arse pretty much all of the time so nothing new there. And well, we always suspected that Claire was a bit of a rebel. Maybe BC is actually p***doff from the other thread and is now making us sell our souls to the Macphisto devil! Barbara, you may be on to something..........."seeing" that the devil transforms itself into an array of images and beings..is tricky with words etc....etc......and an intelligent and beautiful being........ able to fool even the best of us... But, I was really hoping BC was an old hot guy.....it's a fantasy I could live with... Like our Adam, he is the epitomy of hotness and cool. But it seems we have scared him away...AGain.....you know...like we did in the "COme join mE thread" Yes I am trying to do some school work! Leigs is someone on here who posted a 'hello I'm new' thread. we were all very friendly and welcomed him etc... but then we got a bit silly on his thread and he has never reappeared! Will come back to play when i have finished preparing toturous lessons for my kids!! OooH....that Legis..yeah..I remember that thread, but that happens a lot around here for some reason. lol. I don't even know whats going on in these convos, but they're hilarious.
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