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    I change my mind almost daily...
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    WGRYW Horses, One, Streets,Bk of Y Heart, Stay, Acrobat...
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  1. I, for one, am glad the 2020 subscribers gift is a DVD because I only gave an ‘old’ laptop that plays DVDs & no way to play Blue ray. I’m sure I’m not the Only one.
  2. Thanks U2 for offering E&I on DVD! I’m relieved that I don’t have to upgrade to some new system to view it!! Are DVD’s old? I guess so, but they’re not as old as I am! I’m so glad the 2020 subscription issues were resolved.
  3. I used to think so, but then Australia started burning.
  4. I would renew But they ONLY give you three choices of Previous gifts for different amounts of money. This is getting more & more confusing!! If I just want the New 2020 gift, then how much money do they want??! Just name ONE price!!
  5. No more vinyl!! Let’s do as little as possible to help the fossil fuels industries!!
  6. I’m Still getting Emails telling me I should renew my U2.com subscription so that I can get a duplicate of the last ‘gift’ they gave with the 2019 subscription. Are they trying to lose older fans??! They should Finally make an announcement already that 2020 Renewals will get a new, different gift.
  7. They must be WAY overstocked with the previous gifts. How can they expect anyone to want a double of what they already have? Maybe they’re tired of us!!!!
  8. Could someone please post any and all live feeds or streams they come across?!! Thank you so much!🙏🏻💓
  9. OR a Live DVD of the Experience/ innocence tour ? Or JT 2019 tour DVD highlights?
  10. U2gigs On mixlr is Very clear- Thank you to all who made that possible!♥️
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