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  1. I'm trying to get ahold of TM before they cancel my tickets and to get a refund. I got a pair of GA for Chicago, night 1 on Thursday during the pre-sales. Got my confirmation email, everything seemed fine. Checked my bank statement yesterday and saw that I had been charged twice for the tickets. My TM account online says I only have one set of tickets like I wanted, but the TM app, and the TM phone system says I have 4 tickets for that show. First off, I NEED that extra $160 back, secondly, I'm terribly afraid that TM is going to cancel all my tickets because they think i bought 4. I've emailed, tweeted, and called customer service with TM. I finally got through on the phone after waiting on hold for 20 minutes, explained my problem, and the woman said she had to transfer me to sales. I sat on hold for 15 more minutes and ended up with TM Sales CANADA! Which meant she couldn't help me and when she tried to transfer me to US sales, i got the "all the phone lines are busy, we are disconnecting this call" message. This is seriously frustrating as I'm now getting NSF feeds on my bank account (I don't have a credit card) because of that extra missing money. ARRGHHH.
  2. EEK. I just looked at my bank statement and see that I was also charged twice, but I only ever received one confirmation email from TM. I'm rather nervous to contact TM (well, it is impossible to get through to someone on the phone), but I filled out the email contact form and I'm crossing my fingers that I'm not getting one of those "your tickets have been cancelled" emails as well.. Especially because I had no luck getting tickets for the 2nd show during the pre-sale this morning, but made peace with it because I already have GA for the first night in Chicago. But if now I end up with no tickets, I'm going to be so beyond mad.
  3. I take back some of my earlier complaints as I was able to get a pair of GA for first night in Chicago just now using the TM App. The first time i got a pair it wouldn't take my payment info, so I had to give up those tickets and log out and log back into the app and then it worked. HALLELUJAH!
  4. Me too. Does that mean it's really sold out or that the system thinks I used my code and got imaginary tickets?
  5. They need more shows for Chicago. 2 shows for the entire midwest is laughable.
  6. Right with everyone else. I had 2 GA for Chicago 4 different times, twice on my computer and twice on the TM app. Would get all the way through to the very last buy button and then it would all go away. It looked like I bought them on the app at one point, but then I got no confirmation. Now Chicago is either sold-out or only the $300 seats are available. This is complete CRAP.
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