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  1. For the sake of my sanity I really wish that it would end today. ? I don't know how many more days I can go with 4 hours of sleep. While staying in my pajamas is nice I would really like to take a shower and not feel anxious that I'm missing my opportunity to try and win. Not to mention I literally have gotten NOTHING done this entire week. My list of errands and things to do is now a mile long! When does this thing end?? I can't find the rules online.
  2. I feel like they played it the second time so early today that they will play it again later this afternoon. I probably should get a nap in as I'm running on fumes.
  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That's amazing!! You will have a fantastic evening with the boys I'm sure. If you really cannot find someone who wants to go with you (LOL) I would happily pay you $1,000 to be your date for the evening!! ?
  4. OMG...can I catch a break??? I woke up at exactly 5am MST to start listening again. 5 minutes AFTER they played it. ?? My U2 luck is horrible!!!!
  5. A couple of the times listed on my call log are from when I had heard it and called are a bit different than what you have. Mon 6/4 - I can tell you that on Monday they played it at 4:48am (on the app) MST. So 6:48am EST. I had been listening all through the night and didn't sleep and just as I was about to go to bed it came on the app. Tue 6/5 - They definitely played it at 3:58pm MST on the app. (5:58pm EST) because I walked out of the grocery store angry that I hadn't gotten back in my car quick enough to have called when it first came on the radio. So did they play it 3 times also on Tuesday or is the time zone just off on what you have listed?
  6. Like I said earlier this morning at 6:20AM. The story of my life is missing things by seconds to minutes. I have been sitting here A L L D A Y L O N G since 6:20AM this morning with my phone in my hand and my Sirius receiver on. When one song ends I grab my phone and get ready to press the call button. I've been so tired today as I had little sleep last night. Of course what happens just now??? I accidentally dosed off for not even 5 minutes and when I woke up I heard Angel of Harlem in my earbud from Sydney playing. I called and called and called and called and called and called and then called some more. NOTHING! I really do have the worst luck when it comes to anything U2 related. In fact in the few vehicle accidents that I have gotten into over the years (none my fault) I had U2 playing in the car or in my headphones. One might think I play their music all of the time so that explains why U2 would be on when getting into an accident. No, actually in all of those instances I hadn't played U2 in about 2 weeks or so. So now when I ride my scooter U2 is not allowed to be played. Wrecking on my scooter while listening to Dirty Day wasn't fun nor were the road rash scars that came after.
  7. I have absolutely no idea how you might get that impression or come to that conclusion ? I did get this at Best Buy. They were out of the version that had the receiver and the home kit bundled together so I bought the version that had the receiver bundled with the vehicle kit and then bought the home kit separate. I figured it should work no problem and it did. I am already a Sirius subscriber so I called them and told them I simply wanted to test out having Sirius in my home and asked them if they could give me a 2 week trial and they did.
  8. So I decided to take Sirius' advice. Rather than sit in my car for the entire day in 95 degree weather I opted to purchase a satellite radio receiver for my home. The satellite home receiver IS in sync with my car while the app is still is delayed by 2min 38 seconds. (see photo) Finally solved the lag issue. Crossing my fingers that this works. I woke up round 6:20am MST today and looked at the receiver and they literally were playing AOH at that exact moment. (That really is the story of my life...just missing the moment by seconds to minutes) I tried calling in several times but didn't get through. I was told at the store that I have 2 weeks to return it if it doesn't work out.
  9. When I've called I get it to usually ring several times but it just rings and rings and rings and eventually the line goes dead. Almost as if someone picked up the phone and hung it up quickly. I do also sometimes get the long silence, recorded voice, etc...
  10. Did they just play Angel of Harlem about 10 minutes ago? I am trying to figure out a problem with my phone. Thanks.
  11. It's playing now on the app but of course with the delay there's no way.
  12. ...especially when they are giving away less than 10% of the total venue capacity to actual fans. LOL
  13. That's actually genius! LOL! I love it. If I had one I would totally do the same! From what I understand the person who won via the app did so on the first day of the broadcast and was either the 1st or 2nd winner in this promotion. I didn't even know there was a contest until Sunday. I hadn't heard the ad up until that point. I think many people were unaware and therefore the mass of people were not calling in at that moment, which is why the 2 min 38 second lag in the app probably wasn't that much of an issue. I absolutely think it's an issue now. Within 3 seconds of the first note of AOH coming on the app earlier today my phone was ringing and the contest was over. I was told by Sirius that if I wanted to win I should have bought a satellite radio receiver for my home. Oh...okay...let me get on that.
  14. The was the fine print on the bottom of my SiriusXM subscriber email to enter. They said 10.5 million. From the sound of it there seemed to have been several email broadcasts to millions of subscribers. It says "in the new york area" here but I am in Colorado. Clearly not anywhere near new york, but I would be if I had a ticket " *ODDS: This exclusive opportunity for this block of tickets is being promoted by only one email broadcast to approximately 10,545,000 subscribers in the New York area. Odds of winning depend upon the number of entries received in response to this email by the end of the Entry Period. If you are a winner, your RSVP will be confirmed and you will be sent a follow-up email with exact event details. "
  15. I literally listened for almost a full 24 hour cycle the day before last and only heard them play AOH once. They played it at 4:45am (MST). I went to bed immediately after and I woke up yesterday at 11am and continued to listen until 3am this morning. (even took my phone to the shower with me) I only had one 45min time span where I couldn't listen, which was roughly from 8:30pm - 9:20pm (MST) last night. I never heard AOH played even once during all of that time. At this rate SiriusXM are giving away only about 50 tickets in total via this promotion up until the show date? Based on the 1500 capacity of the venue and low numbers of tickets being given away by SiriusXM to subscribers I would say there's a significant number going to guestlist. This was my gripe about the Roxy show too. The Roxy had a strict 500 seat capacity as the fire marshal was there to make sure they didn't go over. U2 used a skeleton crew and told their personnel they couldn't attend as they needed the space. U2 were given half of the total capacity for the show (250 tickets) for their personal use. We sat outside watching celebrity after celebrity walk into that show while a line of us stood outside hoping for a chance that capacity would be lenient enough for us to get in. I don't mind that U2 took half of the tickets for their own show. What I do have a problem with is U2 taking half of the tickets for a make-up show that was for KROQ listeners. What I do have a problem with for the Apollo show is that SiriusXM is stating it is for "SiriusXM subscribers" however the number of tickets they are giving away is minimal. I'd say less than 500, if that in total. U2.com is giving away roughly 50. The remaining 1,000 tickets?? My guess is once again it's going to a personal guestlist, record label exec's, VP's, etc... They should call it like it is...a private show. This isn't a SiriusXM subscriber show. Just like with the Roxy I'd venture to say that the vast majority of the people going are there to simply say that they "saw U2 at a small venue" and could care less about the actual show. Meanwhile actual fans who would do almost anything to attend would literally consider this to be a show of a lifetime for them. It's just really frustrating.
  16. Were you listening via the app or via satellite (like in your car?) I'm asking because I have a 2 min 38 second gap between what I receive via satellite in my car vs what is streaming on the app. The app on my phone is unfortunately what is behind. The web app and the app on my PS4 is delayed even later than my phone. I spoke to SiriusXM support and they basically had no solution. I was trying to determine if others are seeing the same length of delay between the satellite and the streaming apps.
  17. It was a mix. Many of us, myself included, were not able to purchase tickets because of some internal computer error which wasn't corrected until the day after the Innocence presales. So by the time I received my Experience code there were no GA tickets available. But again, I wasn't able to try for tickets until hours after the presales had been going on. Based on the messages I received from these friends I would say it was about 1/3 of us who had no option to purchase tickets and 2/3 of these people were not able to get GA tickets. All of these people were trying only for GA tickets. All of these people followed all of the instructions and completed their profile setups correctly. Several other fans that I know, who are not part of the 60 friends that I have, were able to secure GA tickets for many of the shows that they wanted during the Citi presale. Does that help?
  18. I personally know about 60 fans very well. About 75% of them (45) are in the Experience group. About 20% (12 of them) are in the Innocence group and 5% are not members at all. Of those 45 Experience members that I personally know about 6 of them received GA tickets in the Experience group. NONE of 12 who were in the Innocence group received GA tickets. The likelihood that I personally know THAT many people who were not able to get tickets, never received a code, etc... is ridiculously high. If the majority of fans had no problems with tickets then that ratio of people I know would be much much lower as well.
  19. Many of the "Experience" members, like myself, were not even given the opportunity to purchase tickets. I didn't receive a presale code until 6 hours AFTER the Innocence presale began. I was also not "chosen" to buy tickets for ANY of the cities that I registered for in the general public onsale. The vast majority of fans were completely screwed over. The Innocence group wasn't given a chance for GA tickets because TM didn't load them into the system for all of the shows. The entire process has been a disaster with many, many fans of both groups not receiving the tickets they wanted or any tickets at all. If you want to get an idea as to what went wrong I urge you to read through the thread on here called "Out of Luck on the Presales?"
  20. And Denver and SLC were both just shafted again for the E&I tour. I'm seriously not understanding this. The ONLY plausible explanation that I can come up with is that I know Live Nation and AEG are in a war with each other right now. It's no secret that they both are preventing the others artists from performing at certain venues in certain cities. This is the only reason that I can think of as to why they have skipped out on Denver on 2 tours now.
  21. I just got off the phone with U2.com support and all she could say was that the first email I received saying that I was eligible was a system error and that was why I received the second email saying essentially that I was not granted access. She then said that 10% of the Experience subscribers did NOT receive codes. I find that very hard to believe because nearly 75% of the U2 fans that I personally know received these two emails and were also denied access. There's absolutely no way that this 10% number is accurate. Then she tried to say that just because I subscribed doesn't mean that I am guaranteed a code. I get that we are not guaranteed tickets but it would be nice if we ALL were given an opportunity to at least try and get tickets. She did say that people were NOT chosen based on a lottery system. I asked her then what was the criteria for which people were chosen? She said she didn't know but that it wasn't a lottery. I asked if she could tell me why I wasn't chosen. She said there was no reason given. She then said that I could try for tickets for the general on-sale. To which I replied, "do you know how hard it is to get tickets to U2 during a general on-sale?" I am so pissed off about this process. I've been shooting video for nearly 20 years every time there is a U2 ticket presale or general on-sale. I've been documenting the issues for years. I'll add this latest video to the pile.
  22. What is going on?? U2 has played in Denver every single tour since their very first US tour. There are so many connections here for the band, Dallas even lives here, and TWO of the opening bands are from here (Lumineers & One Republic.) I know Sports Authority field is available on several days that work with the routing for both this first leg and even the second leg so what's the reason why they are not playing here? In fact there are ZERO shows in the mountain time zone. Does anyone have any info about the reasoning behind this? Nico
  23. Please send me a PM or send me a text of you can help. I'm from the US. [please no phones. use PMs. Thanks] Ciao grazia!
  24. Just flew into Torino today from the US for the shows. The tickets that I thought I would have fell through so now I'm kinda freaking out a bit. If anyone can help me please get in touch either by sending a PM [MOD EDIT: No emails, please - PMs are enough. Thanks] Thanks! Nicole
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