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  1. It's a nice idea, but that would cater more to the more dedicated fans. The casual fans (who are probably not on this forum) would likely prefer the more well known hits from back when. And it would seem a bit out of step with the theme of the show as they chose to keep the JT name for the tour. (better for sales of course) I wouldn't put it past them to come up with a 1 or 2 song surprise, different from the 2017 tour, but don't get your hopes up.
  2. Hi, I'm interested in a ticket. I'll shoot you a message. Daniel
  3. Yep, I bought a GA ticket about a week ago via Ticketmaster. Noticed the link from the U2 site was still up. I thought it was one of those loose seats in the upper tiers, but I tried GA first, expecting nothing. But low and behold, I was able to buy a ticket. Maybe somebody just returned theirs. Got lucky I guess.
  4. To shed a slightly different light on this. Some comments refered to other people filming the show. I'm one of those people that upload, I would like say decent video's from concerts, including U2, on Youtube. I started out about 7 years ago around the time of the first 360 shows. I wanted to have decent video's of the concert that I went to, so I could enjoy it again. But as most concert vids on Youtube are crap and the official dvd is good, but usually a pimped videoclip style video from a show that I did not attend, I decided to try it myself. I take notice of the people around me when I'm at the show. I don't want to be in the way too much of anyone. I don't use a phone but a compact camera, which I set to a low brightness level. A steady hand, proper framing and solid audio makes for a good concert video. I've had many people enjoy and comment on my uploads which is gratifying. I don't always film everything or sometimes nothing at all. I often go to multiple shows, so I think it's worth it for me. But as others have said, if its just to have some facebook pics or to show people the next day, just take a few snap/selfies and a clip and then put it away. Basically, go all the way, or just keep it at that. Also, a camera on your head is cool with sports, but you head moves a lot. And a shaky vid is very hard to watch. Also, if you have the bad luck to be behind a tall guy, then you are done anyway.
  5. Edge has stated they will play the album in sequence, but probably wont start the show with it, cause u want to build up to the streets. I figure they will start with other songs, and then halfway through, play JT, and finish with an encore (or 2). Then again, nothing is set in stone with U2 and opening with Streets would be epic and immediately shifting the show into 5th gear.
  6. Muse - the Resistance (awesome album, so jealous on the people getting them as a warmup act in concerts to come:-0 )
  7. Bono on the bridge during Magnificent...
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