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  1. A lot of tickets were on third party sites 10min after the presales started, which obviously stopped loyal fans getting the best seats! I think ticketmaster has a lot to answer for!!
  2. I thought it was ticketless and your credit card is your ticket? Like the O2 in 2015, if so there will be a lot of disappointed touts or people who have bought too many tickets. I think they're only doing ticketless entry in North America this time. I checked a couple of hours later on viagogo and there was 2 tickets for sale at 10.000 quid amongst others available! Someone's obviously pre released some tickets!
  3. I got my tickets yesterday by 9:05 at 9:10 there were tickets for sale on viagogo! I checked a couple of hours later and there were 2 Rz tickets left at a price of 10.000 pounds! And all that's in the presales! Someone's making a killing
  4. I'm not having a go at you personally. Yesterday was a fiasco which could have & should have been avoided, the way that Red Zone tickets for Twickenham were handled was a disgrace, people were pointing it out that Dublin had separate links for the Red Zone the day before & yet nothing was done about it. If Live Nation / Ticketmaster & the U2 organisation keep biting the hand that feeds them i.e. the die hard fans that pay their subscriptions year in year out & attend multiple shows on every tour, at some point these people will decide that enough is enough & walk. I've been a fan for more years than I care to remember & have seen numerous shows on every tour since War, yet after yesterdays events I am seriously considering bailing, I'm sick of this c**p every time they tour when the presales happen, they never get it right & there is always some problem & it never gets fixed. There will be no statement from Live Nation / Ticketmaster & the U2 organisation about yesterday's problems in Europe & the States that affected long standing fan club members because they simply do not care, these gigs will sell out especially in the States due to the nostalgia factor, the band get to bank a few more million as do the promoters & that is all that matters to them. All we want is an acknowledgement that someone messed up & an apology, will that happen?
  5. 9:02 I'm in.... 9:05 I've paid...... L27 9:10 check third party sites and there is already hundreds of tickets on them!!!! that can not be right?
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