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  1. Is this still for sale. I am 100% interested. I'm coming from NC too
  2. So help me understand.m if your account needs renewed in September lets say....would it be advantageous to renew now or in jan to get new codes once 2016 leg announced?
  3. All in the name of love and loyalty to a band and community of people who have a common love. Thanks to all.
  4. Even with all the rules, regulations, etc to prevent scalpers....why is it OK then for resellers to sell GA tickets on TM resale for $1000-$2200 per ticket!!!! It's obvious people got these tickets are are selling them for a profit. So all the rules that were supposed to help us actually ended up screwing the long time fans.
  5. Ok my fellow U2 family asked I post here even thought I have already messaged one of the Zoo moderators about it....guess it's best everyone knows what happened to me You guys are NOT going to believe this.....so I tried to get tickets on line. Via web and app. And five times, yes 5 I got this message. ( see picture below) I was trying to get 2 seats for 7/23 show since I heard all GA were already sold out. I kept trying because I assumed the site was busy or having issue like they did on Thursday and Friday. So after the 5th time of it not taking my order I called and got seats. Later in the afternoon I get 5 seperate emails with ticket orders. They ALL went through!!! Even though I got this message on all of them. ( see picture below) That gave me 12 tickets!!! First off, shouldn't there be some kind of computer thing in place to prevent people from buying that many? And second off, I got a message the order didn't process !! I didn't want 12 nor could I pay for 12. I called TM in a rage demanding they refund me. The women was rude and unhelpful. They were not going to refund me she said. She started reading some BS script about rules and regulations, blah blah. I had to actually yell at her to get her to listen to me and I asked to speak to a manager. Long story short They are refunding the 5 orders that got messed up. Will take 3-5 business days. The 10 tickets I didn't want in my TM account have been voided but I have yet to see my credit card the $1060.60 it was charged. Nor have I seen confirmation of the seats I actually wanted that I obtained on the phone. She tells me she "thinks" all my other orders will be OK and not get cancelled. So far my 2'Chicago tiks I got in presale are OK but I have yet to see a confirmation of the tickets I purchased over the phone when the TM site failed me. I am soooooo beyond livid with TM and how they screwed so many people Be warned if this happened to you. You MUST call and they should be able to refund, she said I'm not the only person this has happened to. I was surprised she told me this because at first she said she wasn't going to refund me. So why would she say that when she KNEW other people had the same problem. Anyway......here is to hoping I actually get my two tiks I wanted for NYC Attached is the evidence of what I was getting every time I tried to place an order online...I cropped it to take off my personal email, address and credit card info.
  6. if they cancel (hopefully they won't) - send me a PM and we will pass up to LN Sent you a message....you are not going to believe what happened today.....
  7. 4 Tickets per show day. They are not going to limit you to buying multiple shows. With the slow sales during the presale, they may not even care if you go over the limit. Can we get definitive confirmation on this, Big wave? Any ideas. I researched on TM but couldn't find anything. I'm guessing 4 per show limit. But lets say you have 4 more shows to buy for are they allow 4 per specific show or 4 TOTAL, period.
  8. if they cancel (hopefully they won't) - send me a PM and we will pass up to LN Thanks BW I'll keep you informed. This has been the most nerve wracking experience in all the years I've been going to U2 shows...I'm sure for u guys too.
  9. Ok I'm worried now. I had to try for like 6 hours to get my second tik. The first one happened in the fist minute But I kept trying and trying hoping to get Ga and finally got a seat But here is the hitch Got an email from TM saying both my tiks are on hold saying they are checking to see if all orders were legit Here is some text from email: "whether you're printing, going mobile, getting them in the mail, or planning on in-store pickup! This temporary delivery delay just gives us time to run routine checks that ensure all fans get a fair shot at seats, like confirming every buyer is a fan and not a bot, making sure everyone sticks to the ticket limit, etc. " Did I do something wrong ? I purchased 2 total tiks with my code???!
  10. Looks like TM might be down again. Any date/ any ticket I try at MSG in NYC says: Can not process your request at this time. Please try again later.
  11. I have been trying for 5.5 hours now for MSG. Any date. I'm assuming the general admission must be sold out if it's coming up with nothing? Can we got confirmation on that so I can stop driving myself crazy
  12. NYC 3/4. Has anyone heard, are these sold out for GA? I've been trying since noon and nothing. Wondering if. I give up or TM is still have issues. Anyone???

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