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  1. ddarroch

    Scottish Fans Are Ignored Again

    Really, you'd be pissed off that you have to travel 3.5hrs down the road for a U2 show? Life's that tough? Feel some pity for fans from Oz, NZ, Asia, Scandinavia & Eastern Europe. My travel time should be a little over 24 hours I would think. Why not go to any announced Glasgow shows too. This band won't be around forever.
  2. ddarroch

    Scottish Fans Are Ignored Again

    If Uncasville, CT, can get a show, Glasgow's got to be a chance! This is getting ridiculous. Wish this unholy alliance with Live Nation would end!
  3. ddarroch

    Worst tour for phones/cameras

    Yeah, I wish the band would stream videos of the shows. They pro shoot every show. Nobody will watch poor quality YouTube & Periscope clips if there's pro shot vids out there.
  4. ddarroch

    Streaming subscription?

    Pro shot video recorded at every show, & here we are watching shaky poor quality scopes. Would be great if the pro shot stuff from all shows were streamed in some way.
  5. ddarroch

    Why are venue rules for GA lines not being enforced?

    I'm not going I can't afford to travel from the other side of the world this time. I traveled for 360, & i+e, but not this time. I'd like a staff run lottery, so everything's fair. But very early in the day, with people actually having to wait in line if they want to claim prized spots. Hope you've enjoyed/will enjoy the shows
  6. ddarroch

    Why are venue rules for GA lines not being enforced?

    There's plenty of "loyal" fans who don't want to sign up to this Live Nation website, myself included (I've been a paid up member at different times). What is a good measure of a fan's loyalty? I'm more likely to post on other forums, @u2, u2start & Interference, where many fans have a better knowledge of U2 & may be considered to be more loyal (purchasing all sorts of released material, travelling long distances to shows, obsessively discussing the band). Is that a good measure of "loyalty"? The band seems to want to reward those fans that are prepared to wait in line. Seems like the best measure of loyalty to me. Though it would be nice if people were actually "waiting" in their spot, not checking in every 12 hours.
  7. ddarroch


    So why bring a bulky superzoom with a 50x zoom then? Concerts are a low light environment, which often results in noisy pictures (due to high ISO). In these conditions you need a camera with a large sensor & a fast (large aperture) lens. The S1 has neither. It has a small 1/2.3" sensor. About the size of a simple point & shoot & some phones. Advanced compacts have a 1" sensor, 7 times this size. Micro four thirds & APS sensors are even larger, & DSLR's are out of the park. The S1's lens's aperture ranges from f/2.8-f/5.6. Some advanced compacts have fast lenses with apertures of f/1.4. These let in 4 times the light of an f/2.8 aperture & 16 times the light of f/5.6! So the S1 isn't a great choice for a concert camera. It bulky & won't have very good image quality in low light. It's only advantage is it's long zoom, which as you say, you won't need. You say you won't take too many pictures, but I bet a camera with that type of bulk would still annoy those around you in GA while you do. As Cazza says, the camera policy varies depending on the venue. Quite often detachable lenses are allowed if they are under 75mm (seems to be about 100mm focal length). If security says you can't bring it in you'll have to leave the line & stash it in your car or something, or check it. If you're in GA this will loose you valuable time, putting you further back in the crowd.
  8. ddarroch

    GA tips/advice (especially given no inner circle/pit)?

    Maybe on the rail behind Red Zone, if you're lucky. If not, it may be better to hang back, near the soundboard
  9. ddarroch


    If you are going to the show, your best chance is at the venue on the day of the show, when the band arrives, just before the sound check (around 3-4pm from memory). They'll arrive at the loading docks, behind the stage. So do some research on your venue, so you know where the docks are. You'll find other fans waiting, & security will be there when the band's coming in. This is the best place to meet the band. They expect fans to be there, & will usually give them some of their time. I think this is much better than stalking the guys around town & at their hotel, as the band are entitled to some privacy. Good luck.
  10. ddarroch

    Ticket Touts (Ticketmaster) GetMeIn & Seatwave

    Yeah, pretty much no doubt Ticketmaster & Live Nation are in on the scam. Supposedly they use "credit card entry only" tickets to thwart scalpers, but then let tickets be sold on their own resale site at far above face value. The scalpers have gotten around the CC entry policy by buying tickets with pre-paid CC's & delivering them to the buyer of their tickets. The CC entry policies are only hurting fans who can't attend the concert (who's tickets end up going to waste), & those fans who would like to swap their tickets with other fans. Time to allow resale at face value only. And if it is going to be CC entry only, then there should be a way to transfer tickets through Ticketmaster. FYI, there are usually ticket drops of new tickets in the days just before the show. Supposedly to lessen the demand for scalped tickets. Has been the way for many, many tours. Even GA's are common in ticket drops, even at high demand shows such as the last arena tour. So don't give up on the band, & don't play the game with the scalpers. Just look for tickets on Ticketmaster on the day before the show, & check the forums. You're more than likely to come away with good seats or GA's, at face value.
  11. ddarroch

    GA tips/advice (especially given no inner circle/pit)?

    As you say, it varies. I'd guess between 5-6pm.
  12. ddarroch

    Why are venue rules for GA lines not being enforced?

    It varies. Usually people are expected to wait in line from the time they arrive on show day, occasionally venues will wristband people & send them away until around 2-4pm. Check with your venue. If you're happy to be 8-10 people deep you won't have to arrive too early. I'd assume not long before gates open? Though that's just a guess.
  13. ddarroch

    Videos different in Europe?

    Too early to know, but not too early to guess. My guess would be, not much. My hope is that they rework the Syrian refugee video though. Not enjoying MS much, would be nice if they use the video with a different song.
  14. ddarroch

    Advice on best place to stand in the Red Zone

    Awesome video. Thanks for posting that. I have RZ for San Diego and I am losing sleep at night thinking about my RZ approach. Does anyone else think that back corner might actually be a good spot? I mean it's the furthest spot back in the RZ but hear me out: 1) Two rails in the corner to lean on and rest. 2) Ample room, people rushing the rail, no one in the back, lots of breathing room. 3) Sight lines still great. Perpindicular to the B-stage, far back enough to take in the enormity of the main stage. 4) You're still significantly closer to both stages compared with even front row seats anywhere else. 5) I could probably get this spot even as late as opening act. 6) Just a relaxing experience in the RZ, spend the day with friends and family instead of lining up hours beforehand for a rail. 7) RZ rail nowhere near as good as GA rail. If I had a shot at center B-stage of center main stage, I can see the appeal of standing in line. But it seems like the best rail spot here is literally behind the Edge's keyboard. 8) Edit: Seems like being a little further back means I won't have to deal quite as much with people standing in front of me. The stage is 9 feet high so being further back might help me, as I'm only 5'7". 9) Second edit: No one behind you other than the GA but there's a rail between you and them so no pushing or shoving. I'm liking this idea more and more, no one take it from me! Thoughts? Thanks for the video vertigojds, that's super useful! Synj, just be aware, the crowd in RZ moves as the band moves. So when the band performs on the b-stage, the area at the back of RZ at the b-stage end gets crowded. When the band move to the main stage, the back of the RZ crowd moves with them, thinning the crowd near the b-stage. Here's a pic, taken from GA, but on the rail right in the corner of RZ. The view once everyone heads towards the main stage. I'm 5'6, so deal with the same problems as you. I'm always aiming for a rail spot, where I'm overlooking part of the stage, not the back of someone's head. The rail right where that boom camera is would have been perfect, had there been no boom there. Next option was near the corner of the piano branch, quite close to the range of that boom. Making sure that when I'm looking at the main stage I'm overlooking part of the piano branch stage & not the crowd on the rail at the back of the piano branch. But that boom camera is a bit longer than I expected, so may be a bit of an obstruction for this spot. I think maybe the boom telescopes, & is a bit shorter during the show, when not in use? Then it mightn't obstruct this spot, need to investigate this option more. Third spot, & probably the option I'd choose, as it's safer, is the rail where the b-stage joins the catwalk. There will be unobstructed views at all times, but it's a little further from the action on the b-stage, plus the band's usually facing away when performing on the b-stage. Tough choice, no perfect spot.
  15. ddarroch

    Why are venue rules for GA lines not being enforced?

    The only good thing here is at least there will be someone different at the start of the line for Philly, claiming the prime spots. Also happens in multiple nights. People are inside enjoying night 1. Other people are outside, lining up for night 2. At least we'll get different people in the prime spots for night 2.