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  1. No worries, I've edited my post as I didn't have time to finish it earlier the day. Hope you are happy with your seats. Remember if you arrive at your seats & have a visual obstruction, which is not listed on your ticket, you may be able to request to change seats. This happened in Europe & the US, on i+e/e+i, where people were moved from their reasonably cheap obstructed seats (when the ticket didn't mention the obstruction) to some very, very good seats, at no extra charge. This is more likely in poorly selling shows, & not sure if they'd do this in India. But if I had seats, I'd be arriving early, & asking to move seats to a better location if the seats is purchased were obstructed.
  2. Normally I'd say no, second level seats are not better than first level seats. First level seats are closer, & importantly should have less obstructions from the delay (speaker) towers. As you can see in the below image, the lower level seats may have some obstruction from the trusses (steel frames) of the delay towers. While the higher level seats may be obstructed by the actual speaker stacks, which are wider than the trusses, & totally opaque. However, DY Patil, & the other cricket ground used this tour, are a bit different. The lower level (concourse) has very low sloping tiers, with the front row often right at ground level. So the second level is likely to still have views below the speaker stacks. Though of course it'll still be further away than the lower level. The low angle of the sloping tiers of the lower level concourse may create a couple of problems for people sitting in the lower level too. The front row could be down at ground level, so may have trouble seeing over the GA crowd. So I wouldn't sit in the first couple of rows of the lower level. Also that low angle slope may make it tough to see, if you have a particularly tall person seated in front of you? The other possible obstruction for the lower level is the sound/video booth(s). As you can see in the top image, in 2017 there was a single, centrally located sound/video booth, which was two storeys high. This could obstruct centrally located seats on the lower level. However, I believe the layout will be different this time around. Looking at the Ticketmaster seat map for Optus stadium, Perth, it looks like there will be TWO sound/video booths this time! They won't be centrally located, & I'm presuming these will only be single storey. So for the lower level I'd recommend being very central (bit this is expensive VIP for Mumbai), or reasonably far around the sides. So you're not obstructed by the sound/video booths. Although these cricket ground are very wide, much wider than the football fields of Europe & the USA. If I could pick anywhere, it's be front GA. But if I was picking seats I think I'd be picking the lower level (level 1), in Block M. As this Edge's side,& the side the b-stage is on. Hoping I'd bit be obstructed by one of the wider delay towers. Next choice would the opposite block, Block D , on Adam's side. Followed by blocks N or C, which may have a bit of an instruction from a delay tower. I'd be wary of getting seats in the lower level in blocks A, B, P or I, as these may be obstructed by the sound/video booths, or delay towers. Note: this is all a bit of guess work, as nobody knows the exact layout. Plus I've never been to this venue.
  3. It's called "dynamic pricing" & Live Nation have been doing it for a few years now. I'd be blaming them, not Ticketek. As Ticketek just sells tickets at whatever price the artist (& their promoter, Live Nation in this case) has set. As I said, this has been going on a while. To capture some of the market which scalpers were getting, selling tickets at exorbitant prices to desperate fans. So now, instead of pricing tickets quite cheaply, & aiming for instant sell outs, which promoters would now consider to be a missed opportunity, they have increased the price of tickets. Hoping to get close to sell outs, just before show time, & decreasing the price of tickets, if this doesn't look like happening. It relies on FOMO, & the fear of the band's most dedicated fans missing out. Many will be desperate, & pay exorbitant prices, to make sure they get a seat. While casuals will baulk at these prices. Casuals will then get the bargains, if prices are reduced. Good way to really upset your most dedicated fans! Especially in the presales, when the best seats aren't even offered. So fans pay a lot for mediocre seats, only to see better seats offered later, often at cheaper times. Not much you can do now, except suck it up, live & learn. Or if you're a gambling type, buy those cheaper, better tickets, & hope you can sell yours. Which may be tough if there's good seats available right up to show time. In your favour is the fact there's only one show in Brisbane. So it might sell out, making those poor seats of yours desirable for somebody. If it makes you feel any better, it could be worse. For Sydney 2, Bay 9 seats are selling for $62. These same seats cost $367 for Sydney 1! My sister has a GA ticket for Sydney 1, but took advantage of the price reductions for Sydney 2. She paid $62 for a seat that was previously $265. So armed with this knowledge you too could pick up a bargain or two at future concerts. Though it is a bit of a gamble, & gambling on low demand may not be worth the risk for people travelling to the show, or those who must be at the show! Although there are ALWAYS ticket drops, in the days leading up to the show.
  4. Here's one I put on U2Start. As described above. Startingwith the JT album, to leave room for highlights off the recent albums & arena tours. Long set, as this part of the world has been ignored for a while. Never going to happen. The Joshua Tree + i+e+i1. Where the Streets Have No Name2. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For3. With or Without You4. Bullet the Blue Sky5. Running to Stand Still6. Red Hill Mining Town7. In God's Country8. Trip Through Your Wires9. One Tree Hill10. Exit11. Mothers of the Disappeared*** Intermission (Love Is All We Have Left) ***12. The Blackout13. Lights Of Home / Red Flag Day14. Zoo Station15. The Fly16. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses17. Desire / All I Want is You18. Acrobat19. Summer Of Love / Starting At The Sun20. New Year's Day / A Sort Of Homecoming21. Raised By Wolves22. Until the End of the World****** Encore ******23. Beautiful Day / Vertigo24. Gone / Bad25. One26. Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way / The Little Things That Give You Away
  5. Me too. Loved both arena tours & feel some of the new songs will translate well in a stadium. Especially Blackout on the mother of all screens! I was surprised how good Love is Bigger was live, & think it could be a great closer. I feel that the old school start to JT 2017 worked, but didn't enjoy the set after the JT album. So I'd definitely want changes to the later parts of the set, to incorporate SoI & SoE. Actually, although I enjoyed it, I hope they also scrap the old school opening & start with the JT, straight off the bat! Unlike Europe & the US in summer, all shows for this leg will start after sunset. So it will be possible to open with Streets, without the visuals being negatively effected. Yes, I know, most people think it would be crazy to open with Streets. It's best with a good build up, & a great segue. It also gets the crowd going, bringing that middle part of a show to life. True. But opening with the JT leaves a lot of room later in the show for the newer material & highlights from the arena tours, which this part of the world missed out on. After Mothers of the Disappeared, we could get a trippy intermission, along the lines of The Fly, HMTMKMKM & LIAWHL. Then straight into The Blackout. Boom, total change of tempo & atmosphere. Perfect to introduce U2's newer material (& some classics) to Oceania & Asia. Highly unlikely, probably not a popular view, but I think it could be great.
  6. Dynamic price reductions for Sydney 2 are at extreme levels now. Bay 30, was CAT 1 ($365), now CAT 5 ($62). Just the final few rows atm. As it's concourse (lower bowl), there's a chance of some obstruction from a sound booth, depending on where the booths are located, but should be ok as these are $365 seats for Sydney 1.
  7. As Max has said, nothing is known at this stage. Although it is common for GA in Japan to enter by ticket number, with no queues forming until the late afternoon, just before entry. Ticket numbers are expected to be allocated in the order they were purchased. So people who purchased tickets early in the Red Hill presale will likely be the first onto the arena floor. It's a ll guess work at this stage though. Japan looks like such an amazing place. If you haven't been there before, & have the time, I'd recommend arriving early & spending some extra time there. Getting your ticket from 7-eleven when you arrive, & checking up on the GA process. That's what I'll be doing. Although it's not in central Tokyo, transport to Saitama Super Arena looks quite easy & efficient. So it's possible to stay in areas of central Tokyo & be at the arena in under an hour.
  8. Lots of price reductions for Sydney 2 over the last week. Bay 10, now CAT 2 $265 (previously CAT 1 $370). Bay 12, now CAT 3 $193 (previously CAT 2 $265). Plus the big one, CAT 5 $62 reduced from CAT 2 $265! Initially these large reductions to CAT 5 were for the back few rows of the Churchill Stand (section 10) & the Brewongle Stand (section 6), which is the rear of Edge's side. Then it moved to the final few rows of the Trumper Stand (sections 310, 311, 312 & 313), which is the rear of Adam's side. But reductions ended up occurring as far forward as row J in the Trumper Stand, which is just in the front half of the rows (which are A-Z, AA, BB & CC). Managed to get 2 cheap seats for my sister in the Trumper Stand, section 313, row K. $62, bargain! These reductions to CAT 5 have currently moved back to row X of the Brewongle stand (section 6), one of the final few rows.
  9. More price reductions for Auckland 2. $60 East Stand uppers available.
  10. I only have a confirmation number (or whatever they called it). One number, for the purchase of two tickets to Japan 2. It's 13 digits long, starting with 242. I have friends who purchase tickets around the same time, with numbers starting with 243 & 246. Ending in all sorts of numbers, from the hundreds to 6 & 7 thousand. So there appears to be no order. I'd say we won't know our ticket numbers until we pick up our tickets at 7-eleven.
  11. Ticket drop or price reduction for Auckland 2 a couple of days ago. There are now $60NZD seats available, towards the back of the Upper South stand.
  12. I guess there's a lot of hopeful people. I agree it's wishful thinking, & very unlikely the will be another show, but you never know. The seats (which were very low capacity compared to other venues) sold out quickly. The GA's which is pretty large, like most venues has been a slow burn, even the front GA wasn't particularly quick. Yeah, given the Chinese government's stance an human rights, there's a good chance U2 wouldn't want to play there. In any casez it's almost a certainty that they wouldn't be allowed to perform in China. As they performed at the Tibetan Freedom festival.
  13. Nah, not odd I wouldn't think. Melbourne sold out quickly (though they've reconfigured it, & added a few more seats & GA), but won't get another show by the looks of it. Auckland 1 sold out extremely quickly, but Auckland 2 sales appear to be very disappointing. These are both far bigger venues though.
  14. It's very slow, so I don't like your chances. Especially as Live Nation are now saying Melbourne won't get a second show, & it sold out very quickly (though it's a much larger venue than Seoul). I'd say the only chance to sell a second show in Seoul would be if they put seats on the floor. The seats in the stands sold out quickly, but the GA standing tickets have been slow to sell.
  15. Ticket drop for Brisbane. GA's, go get them! Thanks to kings for the notification.
  16. Cheers kings, I'll put this in the ticket drop thread too.
  17. Back in the old days (ZooTV) I remember we had no chance to select seats in the mad rush of ticket sales. The first people got seats closer to the stage, those later, further away. My guess would be that, like GA, the seats will be ranked by ticket number. Those who purchased their tickets first (Red Hill Presale group) will have the lowest ticket numbers, & will get the best seats. Cool pic razspazz. You can only just make out the area dividing the different GA areas. Here's another one. I hope the area separating the GA sections is a little further back this time.
  18. Ticket drop for Adelaide. RZ, Cat 4 & 5. Only Cat 4 left now I think.
  19. Yep. From what I've read this seems pretty common in Asia. I'm expecting the same in Japan. So I chose to sign up to u2.com before the tour was announced. As a ticket from the Red Hill presale should have a low ticket number. Hopefully meaning an early entry into GA, with very little waiting.
  20. Not exactly a ticket drop, but for anyone looking for Tokyo tickets, the second round of vendor presales has begun. Unlike the first round, this presale is open to EVERYONE, not just Japanese residents. Likemany Japanese sales, this presale is a lottery. The lottery is open until July 13 (23:59), with results announced on July 17 (estimated 13:00). To enter the lottery visit https://www.u2japan2019.com/ The English presale is linked towards the bottom of the page. I've outlined the whole process in the #U2Japan2019 thread here,
  21. Sorry ballardmama, this post slipped my mind & I forgot to answer. I didn't really know who would be able to participate in the vendor presale anyway. But we have answers now, as the vendor presale is up & running! The TICKET VENDOR PRESALE-2 is open to everyone. No need to enter a Japanese phone number, no need to enter an address. The process is quite simple. NOTE: this is a LOTTERY. Entries are open until July 13 (23:59). You are not guaranteed tickets. So DON'T make any travel plans until you have confirmation that you were successful in the lottery (on July 17). Visit https://www.u2japan2019.com/ For the English presale hit the 'Apply' button for the TICKET PIA * ENGLISH PAGE, towards the bottom of the page. Choose either Red Zone or seats & GA, & 'Proceed'. You'll be bombarded with information on the next page, once you've read it, choose 'Next'. Another page with lots of (fee) information. One you've read it, check the term & conditions box, so the 'Agree' button appears. The registration page, a couple of things here. For the phone number, each field can only contain 4 digits. So the first field will probably need to include you country code & your area code. But it MUST only be numerals, NO plus sign, NO spaces. So join the country code & the area code together. Eg. Sun Valley (208), USA (1) becomes 1208. The password must be alphanumeric characters, NOT special characters like $ or @. Choose 'Desired Performance(s)', & select the appropriate date. Click the 'Type of Seat Select' button. As I said, this is a lottery. You can choose up to 5 options. Each option can be a different ticket type, on a different date. These options are prioritised. So start with the ticket type you want the most, & the date you'd prefer as Priority 1. Select the ticket type & click the 'the amount of tickets' button. Select the quantity & click 'Confirmation' button. If you would like to try for a different date or a different ticket type in the lottery click 'Adding desired' button, & repeat the process. Note, you will only be charged for the highest priority tickets that were successful in the lottery. So if you're happy to go for either date, try them both. The same goes for ticket type, GA front, GA rear, expensive seats, cheap seats. Try whatever you'll be happy to receive. You can have between 1 & 5 priorities. Once you've completed your priorities, click "Settlement Method" button. Enter your credit card details & click the 'Ticket Issuance of Tickets' button. Note: collection of tickets are at 7-eleven stores. This is common for Japanese concerts. Best of luck!
  22. Another Melbourne drop, including cheap $60 seats.
  23. I'm always pretty tight with my money, would'nt dream of paying this sort of money, & don't think the VIP party packages offer good value. They're always very expensive, & are extremely expensive at Singapore (Singapore VIP Party is $950 USD vs $580 USD for Sydney). However, for anyone who is happy to spend this type of money, the seats at the Singapore VIP party are in an extremely good location. Located in a front-on section, quite close to the stage. Front-on seats this close are available at this venue because of the unusual stage orientation, & don't occur at any other show. Front-on seats are further away at all other venues. In comparison, the Sydney VIP Party Experience seats are quite far from the stage (located between the CAT 2 sections). However this is where the party occurs, inside the stadium, in the Steve Waugh function room. No idea where the actual Singapore VIP party occurs. The only time I popped into a VIP party was for Vegas 360. The party was located outside the stadium for that show.
  24. There was a drop of CAT 3 ($190) seats for Sydney 2 yesterday. Previously CAT 3 was down to only singles tickets. But now you can get up to 8 x CAT 3 tickets. It looks like it might be a small drop though, at the rear of the Victor Trumper stand (Bay 312-1, rows Y & Z are what's appearing so far. It may continue to the back row, row CC).
  25. It's certainly is weird that there'd be a second VENDOR presale, for foreigners. But there's no asterisk saying *JAPANESE PAGE, like the first vendor presale. Weird that they'd have vendor presales for people that weren't members. But it seems to be impossible to become a member if you're a foreigner. You might want to reach out the this FB group for Japanese U2 fans. Whether it's just for some additional information, or maybe a Japanese person can help you sign up to PIA, using their phone number, & sending you the registration code (or whatever is required). https://m.facebook.com/groups/734176080332328?ref=bookmarks
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