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  1. I can confirm the entire layout was switched 180 degrees from the layout that was shown when tickets were first sold in December. I bought tickets in section 105 for last night expecting to be in front of everything. I walked into the arena and find that I'm in back of the stage. No notice was given to ticket buyers and I wasn't the only one affected by it. The Bell Centre rectified the situation after some arguing, but still. More than 5000 people who bought tickets expecting to be facing the stage got a pretty big shock last night. And evenko kept quiet.
  2. Good for you but not cool, you get everything and we got stuck with shitty tickets I wanted GA got stuck (and I was extremely lucky) with some far blue tickets, not cool at all Trust me when I say there are no shitty tickets at a U2 show! I even prefer to sit in the back; I get to see the whole scene! It's really out of this world
  3. Did anyone get a confirmation email?
  4. Wow, it's not just me. I'm sorry to hear that. I can't believe this though, usually evenko is good with this kind of traffic.
  5. It's not sold out. I just got another pair of tickets in the back. There are still some others left, so keep on trying!
  6. I confirmed my payment for my two seats, but it froze right after. The only message I get is to wait a few moments (in french though). I took a screenshot of the page but it's been like this for a while. I didn't get a confirmation email either. I dont't know what to do...
  7. I'm in the innocence group and my code appears on the tour page. But the pre-sale is in two hours and I still haven't received an email. Is that a problem?
  8. I have the presale tomorrow for Montreal, but I can't find a seating chart. Does anyone have it?
  9. If I get 2 tickets with the presale, am I allowed to get another few (if I can) during the general sale on Monday? I don't want my order to get cancelled because of this...
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