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    Achtung Baby
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    Zoo TV Outside Broadcast, Atlanta, 9/25/92
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    Joshua Tree 2017, Washington DC, 06/20/2017
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    Most mind-blowing: Zoo TV, Atlanta, 09/25/1992; Most fun: Vertigo, Atlanta 11/18/2005
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    Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, Depeche Mode, Led Zeppelin, REM, The Beatles

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  1. GeorgiaGirl


    Doesn't the 2009 date have something to do with a website update or something?
  2. GeorgiaGirl

    Citicard presale successes?

    I got one GA for Boston in the Citi sale. I looked for Nashville and NYC also and got nothing in GA.
  3. I haven't been to any of the places on the album cover (yet), but I have been to the Harmony Motel and the Vaillancourt Fountain (where Bono famously spray painted "Rock and Roll stops the traffic.")
  4. GeorgiaGirl

    Limited View??

    It's my experience that GA in a basketball/hockey arena is MUCH less stressful than in a football stadium!
  5. Aw! That's awesome! I was 13, and my older brother had just returned from Desert Storm and took me to the show. My mind was blown! That was the night I became the mega fan I am now.
  6. I watched the implosion live this morning. I went to every U2 show at the Georgia Dome. They were the first concert in the brand new Dome back in Sept 1992. I remember Bono commenting on the new building and saying, I hope y'all can afford it.
  7. GeorgiaGirl

    Extra ATL Dates

    For those of us who live in the area, it'll be a traffic nightmare. No public transportation to speak of. I loved that MARTA practically goes to Philips Arena's doorstep. :/
  8. GeorgiaGirl

    What happened to the good old days

    I for one am glad those days are over!
  9. GeorgiaGirl

    Extra ATL Dates

    I've seen U2 (and others) there before, and I didn't think it was any worse than any other arena.
  10. I'm not very happy that I'm in the Innocence group just because I let my membership lapse this past year. I guess nothing before that matters.
  11. GeorgiaGirl

    Extra ATL Dates

    I'm hoping so. I really don't understand why they're playing this venue out in the suburbs and not Philips Arena.