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  1. Much prefer the closeness and intimacy of the I&E and E&I shows over the JT stadium gigs. Personally, getting right by the e-stage in London 2 and Dublin 2 and the inclusion of Zoostation and Acrobat meant my vote goes to E&I.
  2. Six shows but never got to see / hear Landlady nor Red Flag Day. So, Lights of Home for me.
  3. On Tuesday I was told it was fine to go in entrance 3 even though the text I got at lunchtime said my ticket was for entrance 1. Either way, its possible to move around the back of the floor and choose which side you stand. Its worth noting for those that queued all day, that I arrived at the arena at 7.10pm, was inside with minimal queuing in 5 minutes. I initially stood about 25 feet from the barrier at the e-stage but when everyone stood up I was able to find a place about 5 feet from the barrier - perfect for all of the show in the cage and ideal for the e-stage.
  4. Excellent! Enjoy London. I'm off to Manchester 1 and 2 this weekend and can't wait! Then London 1 and 2 and finally Dublin 1 and 2. Its going to be a great three weeks.
  5. My GA London 2 tickets from TM have just arrived via Royal Mail Tracked 48.
  6. Yep, I'm waiting too. Have had London 1 tickets for ages but TM have only just started to despatch London 2.
  7. Thanks Carlos. Re security I I won't be doing anything illegal , but may have a pint or two in The Admiralty and see if anything arises!
  8. Carlos - I see you're from Horsham. Me too. Given your proximity to Trafalgar Sq any thoughts on what could be seen / heard if you don't have a ticket. I'm considering getting the train into London Saturday just to be there!
  9. Thanks Gogme, its my first concert there. I've been to Holland v England and Chelsea v Benefica there but never a concert.
  10. Just seen a tweet from Amsterdam Arena that suggests the roof is closed tomorrow. Can anyone confirm please?
  11. GA for London 1 and 2, Amsterdam and Barcelona.
  12. Managed to pick up a green one in XXL on the Saturday night
  13. Coming over from London for Saturday 12th September. Got a ticket in block 109 which arrived by post today.
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