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  1. OK, we booked our flight to Boston from California to see U2.Wait, we're flying to the East Coast from Nevada, actually. We're driving to Las Vegas because it's cheaper to fly out of McCarran Airport than it is LAX. We don't have tickets for any of hte shows but we do have hope and faith that the U2 gods will bless us. We would really like to get GAs for the first two nights and whatever we can get for the third and fourth nights. If you can help, please message me. Thank you! #LetUsintheSound.
  2. Julie&Bryan

    San Jose

    I'll be I San Jose, too. I think U2 is going to play a longer set since there is an intermission. No opening bands, correct?
  3. Here's another shot of Bono. I'm still trying to figure out this new camera.
  4. Here's a picture of Bono from the same show (U2360OAK). I played around with the settings on my camera, so that's why it's a little dark.
  5. Here's' another shot from the same Oakland show.
  6. This photo is from the Oakland show. I was blessed to get a great spot near the stage.
  7. Sorry, this is a little blurry.
  8. Here's another picture of the claw from the D.C. show.
  9. Eh, sorry this is kind of blurry.
  10. I think Bono must be telling a joke here.
  11. This was taken the first of two nights at the former Giants Stadium.
  12. A view of The Claw from the cheap seats at the Washington D.C. show.
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