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  1. I think that nobody cares that you will sell your ticket. Well, except the guy that will buy it - he will be very lucky, I am sure. It's the same as nobody in Europe cares about your Brexit anymore. It's your decision - do whatever you want. Exactly like U2 - they want to wave the EU flag. No matter what you, Farage or whoever from England think about it. So, chill out. Or simply sell your ticket. At least you will make someone very happy And by the way, I don't mean to offend you. In that case I am just extremely honest about this situation.
  2. How many tickets can I buy in the presale for U2eiTour European dates?U2.com Subscribers can use their presale code to buy up to 2 tickets in one transaction for one show. http://www.u2.com/help
  3. I buy 2 tickets on presale for the concert on 12 October. So, today I was trying to buy 1 ticket for the concert on 11 October. I was in the site exactly at 10:00 and there were only the most expensive tickets. Everything else was sold out/missing. In 10:00.
  4. I see that there are some Italian speaking members of the forum here. So, please, can somebody tell me what exactly this means: Parterre in Piedi Not that I can't translate it with Google translator, but I prefer somebody who knows Italian to tell me what is the exact translation. Thanks!
  5. "Pick up at Box Office" cost me 0,00 EUR on TicketOne.it And that is how it should be.
  6. For GA - 75 EUR without taxes. I can not say the price of the rest categories tickets, because I was in a hurry and I wanted just to grab 2 GA tickets. Now I cannot see them anymore, because I already used my code.
  7. The links were on Tour page since I woke up early this morning. Long before presale start. The pick up of the tickets is possible only on the day of the concert and only from the Box Office, which is the venue. At least this is what I read in my confirmation for buying the tickets. Good luck tomorrow!
  8. The easiest and smoothest presale EVER! I was at the link for Milano concert at 10:00 and at 10:01 I had 2 GA tickets. The delivery was too expensive - more than 30 EUR. So I choose "pick up at Box Office" option. There were also some taxes: - presale tax - 11.25 EUR per ticket - service fee - 10.52 EUR per order. Total - 183.02 EUR for 2 tickets.
  9. I want to try to buy tomorrow morning 2 GA tickets for Manchester. What should I do? 1. Wait, until presale link appears on U2.com Tour page and then follow the link? or 2. Go directly to Ticketmaster.co.uk and try to find there presale link arpond 10:00 AM? Any suggestions?
  10. Almost one hour later I received the link and the code also by SMS.
  11. Mine is Bulgarian. I don't know if this is the reason.
  12. If this can help anybody - I still didn't receive the text message with link and presale code, but just now I receive this mail from Ticketmaster: "Today, we tried to send your access code to the mobile number provided during Verified Fan registration, and we ran into a text delivery issue. This may happen if the number was incorrectly entered or there is a block from your carrier service. To ensure you receive your access code before tickets are available, we’ve distributed your code below, along with a reminder of how to prep for your purchase.Begin your ticket search on: http://*********** Use ACCESS CODE: ***********" I don't know what was the problem with my phone - it is correctly entered, but it seems that the sistem is working and instead SMS I received my link and code by mail.
  13. One more thing. I think, that for European leg things will be different from North America, because a lot of European countries don't have Ticketmaster. They have Eventim, Ticketpro, Ticketportal, etc.
  14. That's right. But I did my North America TicketMaster acoount today. Just to see how this procedure goes and if I will be able to complete the process. I succeed. I am also from Europe and I will not be part of any presale regarding North America. I, also like you, will wait for European leg of this tour. Interesting is that yesterday U2.com wanted from me 3 things to complete the proces: 1. To agree receiving SMS on my phone 2. To renew my U2 subscription 3. To sign in my North America TicketMaster acoount Today "2. To renew my U2 subscription" was not there. Just 1. and 3. Why? Probably because I didn't use my 2017 presale code and there is no need for me to renew my account. They simply will send me new code via SMS on the day when new presale start. So, why "2. To renew my U2 subscription" was there for me yesterday? I don't know. Maybe it was mistake.
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